29 April 2014


It took me 10 years to finally watch Taegukgi (2004), which according to Wikipedia, "became one of the biggest successes in the South Korean film history up to that time, attracting 11.74 million people to the theatre."

Why? Because even though this movie features my two most favorites South Korean actors, I know one of 'em was gonna die at the end of the movie (sorry if this is such a spoiler). I swear I'm not lying. That was my one and only reason not to watch Taegukgi; I still insist even after my bf urges me to watch it because he likes it so much. So I watched it a few nights ago and as I have predicted, I didn't really like it. It's too sad for me :(

Yea yea, I have to admit, I am so lame about this kind of thing. When I was young, I cried reading Doraemon comic (no. 6) while bombing a.k.a dumping a.k.a pooping in the bathroom. I know, what a sad little Pamulang girl right. It's the same with sad movies; they affect me so easily.

I didn't really enjoy the movie but really, it's a good one. The storyline and everything is great and inspiring. Sigh, I ended up missing Won Bin so much after watching this and finally redownloaded his Korean-Japanese mini tv series, Friends. Sighhhhhh, he's just.... sooooo... perfect <3 :')

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