28 April 2014

Fix Blurry Image in Blogger

I've been asking myself this question for years and have always been too lazy to look for its answer. Well, turns out I was only one click away from it. Shitty. So I used to experience blurry problems with uploaded pictures in my blog, which is very very weird because I've always used great quality images. I'll end up asking, "Why? What went wrong? Why?" and try re-uploading the pictures. And they will remain blur just like before. And I'll be very upset by the poor image quality again and again and usually feel like stabbing someone right in the eyes.

This bothered me a lot, but I always thought, "Ah no one will notice anyway, whatever, Blogger problem." Thank God Hallelujah just now I FINALLY googled this problem and found this answer:

"Blogger has trouble publishing pictures in different formats. Your pictures may be blurry because you are publishing pictures with different formats or pictures with a format blogger does't like to deal with. After testing many different formats, I have found one format that works 100% with blogger: PNG." - source.

Fucccckkkkmylife. I've been uploading JPEG images all this time. Hahaha, I think this is pretty trivial but at the same time important; just wanna share this new knowledge with y'all who blog via Blogger.

But seriously... WHY WHY DIDN'T I GOOGLE IT SOONER WHY HUH WHY. Hahahaha so so stupid. Cheers to my lazy ass.

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