12 August 2014

A simple thank you.

Sunday 10 Aug, inside the car, in the parking lot:

Me: Can we stay in here for a while, I've got something to say.
Bf: What?
Me: I think about how all this time I have always wanted a guy who is xxx and I realize that you're not that kind of guy. And that's maybe why I often nag you. But I just wanna say thank you.. at least you never refuse when I ask you to be xxx. Thanks. *Gently rub his cheek*
Bf: Thank you... for looking at the positive side of me.
Me: ... Ugh I could definitely cry if we continue this.
Bf: Same here, I am more of a crybaby than you, ya know.

*We then hold hands and stayed for a while to let those damn tears travel back into our eyes*

Spending 3 weeks holiday with him has made me spoiled.
I miss him so much today :(

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