11 September 2014

The iPhone vs Samsung, iOS vs Android thingy.

So iPhone 6 has just came out and the internet is filled with arguments, jokes, insults about Apple (as usual), which I find entertaining every year. I have never stated any opinion about this before, not here, not on social media, not on some random forums or websites like 9gag and etc simply because a) I didn't care, b) I am not Apple's PR, and c) Reading other people's comments indeed entertained me. But today I finally feel like talking about it ;)

Let me start with several interesting quotes I found from the internet:

"Remember when we hated apple fans because they were assumptious tossers with inflated self esteem stemmed from their phone choice? Yeah, All those things are done by Android fans now, and they do not seem to grasp the irony."

"When will the Apple haters learn that what iPhone users pay for is not a bunch of components with certain specs, but for a user experience that is unmatched even when comparing it to the most expensive Android phones?"

"Some people lack the understanding of the term user experience. How everything is tightly coupled in an iPhone, how the iOS blends perfectly with the hardware, how not having the android fragmentation benefits users at the end of the and so on."

"Well here's the thing, I've been using 3 different android phones for the past 3 years/gens. The gs3, gs4, and gs5. Sure they have more flashy features and larger displays, but at least the iPhone doesn't crash as often. Let me put it this way. iPhones are like BMWs. BMW isn't trying to target every car owner like Samsung (KIA or some other cheap shit). They want to be retained as a premium yet RELIABLE product. *Here have some popcorn filthy peasants*"

"Apple users are not complaining this much toward Androids."

"Why does everyone feel the need to whine about apple products? It's all about personal preferences. Every brand has it's pro's and con's.."

"To the idiots claiming they've copied Android - Just look back at how Samsungs, HTCs & Nokias looked BEFORE iPhone, then it becomes obvious who's copying whom. :)"

Before I start writing any opinion, lemme tell you a short story about me and Apple (no, we're not dating, just a story of how we met for the first time). I won a 1st generation iPod touch from a design competition in 2008 (early 2008 or late 2007 I couldn't really remember), that's the very first time I laid my hand on an Apple product and my reaction was like, "What the hell is this?" Haha I know, I was so so vintage that time.

And then I had my first macbook around July 2008 and for the first one week having it, I regretted my decision because I didn't really know how to operate it. That time Apple products were considered rare and uncommon in Indonesia and I had zero friend / family using it so I had to Google all my problems and figure them out by myself. Pretty frustrating I must say. But few weeks after I was beyond fine.

Early 2011 when I was in my last year of degree, my friend bought an iPhone. I have always loved my iPod and Blackberry (bought around April 2009) and never thought of having an iPhone because it was expensive and I didn't have any money of my own (I wasn't working back then remember). Then I started using my friend's iPhone like it was mine (hahahahaha trust me he didn't mind), taking picture and shit with the new-and-cool Leme-leme app :p I realized it's a pretty decent phone and I thought, "Maybe one day I'll buy one when I have earned my own money."

Fast forward to the end of 2012 (I started working in Feb 2012 and my Blackberry has started having some keypad problems by then), I decided to buy an iPhone 5 and I was so excited (because I can finally take a selfie and apply filter to it, you know? Hahaha. But even thou I was excited I didn't once show my iPhone around or brag about it and its feature. I didn't feel proud for having it, just normal.) Starting the beginning of 2012 I became an iPhone lover (that happened before I had it in my hand; it's when I first started working and I knew that I was gonna buy it with my salary). I have used Apple and iOS since a long time ago and I loved it, and that time I thought iPhone will suit my expectation as well (it did). I believe in the brand. And I think that's one of the reason why people still buy Apple product despite its expensive price; they trust the brand, they believe it will be worth it.

Of course I don't always love Apple's new product; I personally hate big phones because it wouldn't fit my hands nicely and I am quite upset with iPhone upgrading its screen size (but not that upset since I am not planning to replace my 5s yet). But I do understand that the brand had to do it in order to compete with other phablets that are already in the market, however many people think this is an act of copying instead of trying to compete. These past few days there are many photos comparing iPhone to other brand, mocking its 'slow progress' in the smart phones industry like this one:

I know this isn't a serious comparison, rather it's a fun way to mock Apple, but to those people who take this kind of thing seriously, my question for you is: why haven't Nexus become as popular as iPhone then? Why haven't Nexus dominate the smart phones market by now? There must be reasons why some people still prefer using the iPhone - be it its exquisite touch, simplicity, or sleek body design, or whatever; there must be something, something much more meaningful and important compared to those specs mentioned. Some people get this, but most don't.

Throughout the years I have read, seen, watched Apple fights with other big brands and I agree that the great Samsung comes out as the biggest competitor. I don't despise Samsung, but I loathe most of its cocky big talker users. I think Samsung is great, and I have discussed this repeatedly to its users that it has amazing marketing strategy that allows it to capture a lot of attention in the smart phones market within very short period of time. It's brilliant (plus it's from Korea, one of my most favorite country, pardon me if this sounds biased :p) and wisely speaking, Apple every brand needs that kind of competitor to make itself a better one. That's just how things work, am I not right?

So again nothing's wrong with the brands, not when they fight each other using advertisement, not when they copy each other's feature, not when they file lawsuits against each other. Everything is ok and normal. What's not normal is the brand's users. I don't know how some sceptical things come to iPhone user (or the iPhone itself) because I only start using it around the end of 2012. But I do know this: I was bullied by a couple of my friends not long after having my first iPhone. With or without them realizing, I was bullied. With or without them acknowledging, it was still an act of bully. So again I don't know much about how iPhone users perceived by other non-iPhone users, but I, myself have my own perception about non-iPhone users, especially those with Samsung phones, and it's not a good one either. 

Many people out there are so hateful and maybe envious that they always try to find something about iPhone to whine about, when it's not even their phones (remember the second last quote above?)

I read a lot of comments about how Apple is copying Android phones nowadays, well now please refer to the last quote I stated above. Let's learn to accept that Apple is the pioneer and now because of it, other brands come strong with similar concept (flat touch screen phones with one home button) but with varieties of features that Apple might not have. It's called competition, it's fair, and it's a process of innovation. Brands follow each other's ideas, what's the big deal? Only then we can have better phones and technology, no?? How about the finger print reader Samsung have right after the launch of iPhone 5s? Why didn't people of the internet make it such a big deal?

Recently one of my Samsung-user cousin said to me, "Don't mock me, I was thinking of getting an iPhone 6." I asked her back, "Why mock you? Is it because you previously loved to mock iPhone?" And yes she said. Some friends who love to bully me as an iPhone user often ask me to take their pictures with my phone - because apparently it has better camera quality than their Samsung phones. A friend used to sarcastically tease iPhone for not having a built-in self timer feature, but then again we mostly use iPhone (with third party app for the self timer feature) whenever we take group pictures because of its good image quality.

Understand now?

I think if you are satisfied with your phone, you will not bother speaking ill about other people's. If you think your phone is great, is worth it, is the right choice for you, you will not keep saying, "That phone couldn't do what my phone could," or "This is the reason why I hate that phone."

And that kind of saying is somehow acceptable and completely normal for big-talker-kind of Samsung users (if you're not those kind, feel free to not feel offended), because when they tease / talk bad about iPhone -> they are only joking and also we deserve it because a) Apple are irritating because it tries to be "exclusive", b) iPhone are overrated and expensive when it has less feature and etc. But when we tease their brand back or try to be defensive -> we are not joking, instead we are back to be considered as those cocky Apple fanboys / fangirls.

I often feel like it's never a win win situation for me as an iPhone user. I have went from being "Yea I think Samsung phone is very rich in feature, ugh I hate how my iPhone is still like this" to "It's a cute theme you've got there" to "Yea I agree transferring music and photos into iPhone is troublesome" to I-don't-know-what-else-to-say-or-do-to-make-you-stop-crapping-my-phone. I don't always fancy my phone, I think it's starting to get less-innovated these recent years and I have a bunch of things I have complained about, but I still pretty much like it. Now imagine you are a fan of an actor / actress and you know many people out there despise your idol and often write or say some hateful comments and you're like "Whatever, go talk anything you like and I will still like him/her anyway" and you let it go because well you don't know them and they don't know you. But then imagine your friends do the same thing in front of you, sometimes talking in low voices to the other friends, sometimes saying it out loud with a joking tone, sometimes indeed joking, sometimes pretending to be joking, repeatedly over the years, wouldn't you just want to smack the fuck out of their faces?

I understand that everyone's entitled to his/her own opinion and he/she has a complete freedom to express it. I am not writing this long post to a) try to persuade you all readers to stop expressing your hates towards iPhone or other brand, b) lecture all of you that this is all a process of finding better innovation and that we should all chill out and etc, c) ask for pity. No. I just want to pour out all the shits I've been thinking about this matter. I wanna be a mainstream Apple fan who defend the brand :p that's all. Ok not all, I also want to express how I hate those non-iPhone users who like to bad talk iPhone, yucks (even more if they end up using one later).

Apple is a great brand without doubt, and so is Samsung, HTC, and Nokia, and etc. Eventually it all comes back to our preference and taste - there is no need to mind other people's businesses and how or to what kind of thing they spend their money on. And I was not saying that there are no annoying and asshole-kind-of Apple / iPhone users out there, I believe there are plenty of them, but since I am not one I think I deserve to write this kind of opinion. Well it's my blog anyway.

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