10 November 2014

Peekmybook @ Swagescape, Grand Indonesia 6-9 Nov 2014.

Meet Kirara! Check its ig: @kirara_homeandtea.

Fresh roasted coffee: ig @rumacoffee / rumacoffee.com. They ship worldwide!

Such a great, great, great supporter. Thanks Je!
Ps: high quality jomblo, SNSD lover, ticklish almost everywhere, has a great voice.
Google and contact her directly for any inquiries: Jessica Aulia.

"Nyot nyot nyot~" Thanks for accompanying and helping me always <3

"Ahhh it's already the last day, Alhamdulillah thank You God~"

THANK YOU EVERYONE who came to support me (with or without buying Peekmybook).
Meant a lot <3 <3 <3 and THANK YOU SO MUCH for all my amazing customers!

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