30 December 2014


I remember feeling extremely uneasy because of MH17, and now it happens all over again. Life is so mysterious. One day we're fine.. the other day we're not. Nothing seems to be certain. Sometimes nothing seems to be fair. It breaks my heart seeing those images of the victim's family members & relatives, hugging each other crying in agony. It looks like they're hurt so bad crying doesn't seem to ease anything anymore. They must've been wondering and questioning God, asking Him why and why. I just couldn't imagine the pain. Hopefully they will remain strong despite all the hardships and my prayer goes to every each of them.

Rest in peace all the victims of flight QZ8501.

"You have to be strong. They are not ours, they belong to God." - the mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini to the victim's families & relatives.

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