28 March 2015

A perfect Saturday.

I've been feeling under the weather for about a week now :( and my body isn't getting any better :( Anyway spent today with bf from 6 am; we jogged at the park, had breakfast, lunch, and dinner together, he helped my niece doing her homework, we played Viwawa, watched Modern Family, he watched over me as I took my afternoon nap, he stayed right by my side, unaffected and didn't seem to care about my annoying continuous sneezes and nose-blows. He wanted to go out at first, but he understood my condition and stayed with me at home all day long. It was a perfect 14 hours date. :')

Ha, moron.

Ha, super asshole moron.

No point of building anything nice in this country cause people
will vandalize it anyway. Super duper assshole moron 2.0.


Beinggg lucky xD haha (my level is 33 while his is 96). Oh I used to loveee this game so much.

Thanks for today F <3

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