21 March 2015

Malaysia, 16-20 March 2015.

Personally I think this was the most productive / unique / tiring trip we've ever had so far as every second in Malaysia sorta spent well. The trip begun with - of course - a mandatory group photo at the airport :]

Day 1 - KLCC, Batu Caves, Bukit Melawati, Kuala Selangor.

Chicken hot pot something, yummss~

Being all touristy.

Gotta say I hated those stairs. Plus there're probably 10+ monkeys hanging out on / around that stairs,
and some of them sometimes tried to take our snacks / drinks. Ha, scary.

Seafood dinner by the lake.

These are fireflies! It was really dark that time and camera flash was prohibited.

Day 2 - Melaka.

Group photos. Amazingggg place. We stayed at 2 different apartments in KL. This one has really
good and modern furnitures, and this one has the best and most amazing host ever (thanks Heyam!)

Started the day with a classic Malaysian breakfast: nasi lemak :3

Melaka's cendol. I'd say I like the Indonesian version more :)

An amazing and beautiful mosque by the sea.

Day 3 - Cameron Highland, Brinchang Market.

Did a super, super, super tiring jungle trekking. We walk for a total of 3 hours (with 1 hour 45 mins of it spent in the middle of a jungle). We chose to follow trail 9A which was a super narrow / slippery / dangerous / unfriendly path for amateurs like us. I was later told that trail 4 was much friendlier for tourists. Nevertheless, it was an amazing journey / experience for us, and it made us work together as a team by taking care of each other. I was really proud of us :]

Finally after a tiring and worrying 1 hour and 45 mins... we managed to get out of the woods.
Ps: yes I hiked with that skirt, badass enough?

Indian food served on a banana leaf. It tasted delicious as well!

Bought that cute Elsa bag for Sam for only RM 10! I bought her another Hello Kitty pouch for RM 5.

Day 4 - Cameron Highland.

With the most dangerous predator in this mountain :p

Breathtaking views.


Look at those cuties!! Bf bought 2 back to Jakarta for me and him :]

Day 5 - KL.

Spent half of the day shopping (with bf only) in my favorite mall Sunway Pyramid. Ahhhh <3 it made me remember those good old times. All the memories from my uni years came back rushing to my brain. Found H&M mid season sale where a lot of items were sold from RM 10-40. GOD BLESS MALAYSIA. I bought three items from H&M and Esprit with amazing discounts and one blazer for bf :3 (and still regretting until today of why I didn't buy more.)

Tasting Shin Kee beef noodle near Pudu Central Station. It's different from what I had in mind,
but it's tasty and the beef was so gooooood.

Cutie pie eating Subway.

Tom Yam fried rice!! <3

Spent RM 43 for this Ippudo babe (price almost the same with the one in Indonesia).

KL in its busy time. Still nothing compared to Jakarta.

Left KL with a big painful bruise on my left hand (not sure where & when I got it).

Honestly when I first organized this trip, I wasn't excited at all. I thought I'd prefer to spend my money to go somewhere else new rather than Malaysia (again and again, like duh.) But boy I glad I went on this trip. It reminded me a lot of things and God, I realized I miss this country complete with its asshole taxi drivers.

Oh KL, I wish Jakarta is much more like you. Thank you for the hospitality, and I'll see ya again one day :]

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