30 April 2015

A minute for Nepal.

Saw these heartbreaking photos of Nepal: </3








Please do help by donating. It takes less than a minute and any amount will be valuable for them. I did my donation on www.care.org.


Kasih Sam denger rekaman gue nyanyi sama sang pacar, baru beberapa detik tiba-tiba dia bilang:

S: Cempreng banget suara om Freddy.


29 April 2015

Don't poke the bear.

I couldn't help but to write a lil bit about the Bali Nine execution that happened last night. This is solely my opinion.

This morning I read a few interesting news about this matter:
Indonesia murdered eight people. The time for being polite is over
When a country is weak, it will be bullied
Bali 9 executions: Abbott government withdraws ambassador to Indonesia
Australian PM Tony Abbott warns Indonesia over imminent executions

"Everyone was so polite. Not because they are naturally well-mannered, but because of a pragmatic judgment that to be “respectful” to Indonesia as a sovereign nation, respectful towards its judicial system, respectful to its political leaders, was the best way – the only way – to save two Australians from being taken out in the middle of the night and shot dead. Now that has happened and we can stop being polite."

I think that explains how arrogant the writer was. Being respectful to Indonesia and its judicial system IS A MUST, with or without the intention of saving two Australians. Indonesia is a completely different country; we have different problems, different rules and laws. Deal with it.

"Nothing excuses what Indonesia has done. This was about domestic politics and president Widodo’s determination to be tough in the face of foreign pressure."

I don't understand how this decision is considered as a form of domestic politic plays by our government; Indonesia did state that drug trafficking is punishable by death. The real question should be asked to Aussie government, who's willing to risk the (not-so-good-anymore) relationship between two countries by doing numerous 'polite' pleas of mercy. This was stated in International Business Times in Feb 2015:

"Speaking to Australian Network Channel Ten Abbott said: "We will be finding ways to make our displeasure felt. Millions of Australians are feeling sickened by what might be about to happen in Indonesia." Abbott has come under increasing domestic pressure recently, culminating in a bid to have him replaced, but he seems to have divined public opinion on this issue."

Now THAT should be politics. Aussie government once warned there will be "consequences" if the shootings were carried out. Jokowi isn't the one who's trying to 'play tough', Abbott is.

To everyone who's opposing Sukumaran's and Chan's execution: yes death penalty might be inhumane, it might be cruel, and it doesn't comply with what our religions have taught us. But it's an ugly truth we all have to learn to accept, that the world we are living in right now isn't yet a place filled with peace and peace only. War happens everyday and innocent people die. Your country (or the country you're living in right now) might be safer than Indonesia, more liveable, nicer, your government might be more honest, your people might be more prosperous, and your country might be better in a lot of ways that it doesn't have to implement death penalty or worry about a lot of things that we're worrying right now. But as Indonesian, we have our own war to fight. You don't have to understand or agree with us, but know this: Australia, you have zero right to keep questioning our president and judicial system. Our government has been very patient coping with all the 'polite' pleas in which a lot of them contain 'polite' threats. So I assure you Mr. Abbott, there will also be consequences of your-so-called-consequences.

24 April 2015

Shonda you're unbelievable & unforgivable.

Massive spoiler on my Fb news feed.


Ugh this is such a frustrating week. I haven't watch the last 5 episodes of Grey's (and other tv series actually), but really this season's suck. Bleh. Seriously, it's time to stop watching. They should've ended the series when Meredith etc passed their residency exams (exactly, no need for that stupid plane crash).

20 April 2015

Weirdo is our middle names.

This madness has been going on for about a minute before I decided to record it secretly (that explains why the video was taken vertically). Sam doesn't really like to be photographed / recorded, plus had she known about it she would probably stop laughing and wouldn't show the camera her 'true color'.

Aaaa..nyway. I've fallen into the desperation pit of having a damn-big-asshole mata ikan again. It's NOT NOT NOT GETTING ANY BETTER. I decided to take a hardcore way to deal with it this afternoon and I made it bleed (only a little). I put a lot of alcohol to prevent any chance of infection. Seriously it has become so... big and painful my right foot could barely step properly. Ukh.... fuck it. I hate it so much.


19 April 2015

He knows better.

Something quite miraculous happened today at the evening mass. I had many things running through my mind, and when it's time to pray, I kneeled down but I couldn't say anything. I didn't know what to say and my head remained blank. After a few seconds of silence, I heard a voice in my head telling me to just.. keep quiet and trust Him. He knows, and He understands. All I need to do was to trust Him.

17 April 2015

Live Blakely.

Percakapan sama sang pacar barusan di bioskop:

C: Liat tuh poster, nama cewenya siapa?
F: Palingan itu, Live Blakely.

Dasar sang pacar, padahal katanya suka 'Googling' doi gara-gara badannya bagus, eh nama aja meleset. Qi qi qi.


NYEHEHE. Okay bay.

16 April 2015

The best, best, best tv series ever.

I've been a long time (and quite fanatic) fan of Game of Thrones since I first watched it in 2012. I think it's undoubtedly one of the best tv series ever made. This post will contain spoilers from GoT Season 5 Episode 3; if you:

1. Haven't watch it yet and don't want to know the story - close this page or scroll really fast to skip the pictures (no texts, only pictures from one particular scene).
2. Haven't watch it yet but don't mind spoilers - please proceed.
3. Have never watched Game of Thrones before - PLEASE START DOING IT NOW. PLEASE. PLEASE.

Hahaha okay here we go. I watched this particular part 3 times because it's soooooooooo frickin cool!! Gosh John Snow is so perfect :')


14 April 2015


Celebrating it simple with a movie & dinner date with bf, and a looooooong talk with friends till 3:30 AM in the morning. Thank you for the wishes and presents guys!

"Happy birthday Soy ie, I love you. Bangun jangan siang-siang ya. Sering main sama aku ya.
I love you so much. Sammy." And then she added a bunch of flower, dress, cupcake,
present, balloons, cat, and girl drawings on the card. Awwwhh <3

Pressie from bf - a pair of shoes that I've tried & wanted to buy before.

With Lee Min Ho hahaha!

Percakapan sama mata ikan.

Siang ini gue menyadari bahwa metode terakhir yang gue pake buat remove mata ikan tidak berhasil (LAGI), jadilah gue memutuskan untuk balik ke metode cuka apel. This method actually lumayan oke, tapi sumprit kaki dan kamar jadi baaaaaaaaaaauuuuuu cukaaaaaaaaaaaa. Enek abis. Lalu terjadilah percakapan ini sama mata ikan dan sang pacar:

C: *Berbicara ke mata ikan* Ok let's start again bitch. *Sambil ambil alat-alat cuka apel*
F: .... *Diam menyimak*
M (Mata ikan): .... *Diam sembari gemeteran*
C: *Ngegumam sambil potong kapas siap-siap proses pengobatan* Tuhan ya ampun Tuhan!! Kenapa sih! *Sambil masih sibuk otak atik kaki* Oke ayo kita liat lu mau sampe sejauh mana, gue jabanin!!
F: .... Maksudnya kamu ngomongin siapa itu..? Mata ikannya kan?
C: Iya la, kamu kira siapa? Oh kamu kira aku lagi ngomongin Tuhan?
F: Iyeeeeee.


Abis itu gue tempelin cuka apelnya di mata ikan sembari berkata:
C: Ha, eat shit.
F: ... Badan sendiri kok dikatain begitu..
C: Biarin.

Hahaha gue dah enekssssssssss. Bener-bener yang bisa menggambarkan perasaan gue dengan tepat saat ini adalah video di bawah ini:


Ga lama abis itu Sam masuk kamar gue, terus nanya dengan nada pissed off:
S: Bau apa sih ini?!
C: Nih bau ini *Angkat kaki gue terus kasi liat ke dia*
S: Ih!

Hahahaha. Sigh start again deh hari-hari gue berkaki bau cuka. Kampretz.

11 April 2015

Menjadi sangat bahagia itu sederhana.

Tapi menjadi sangat sedih dan menyesal itu juga mudah.

Rasanya pengen gigit jari kelingking sampe putuz setiap kali hal ini terjadi.

Anyway rekor sama sang pacar beberapa tahun lalu di MegaMall Pluit: bayar parkiran ketika jam menunjukkan menit ke 59 dan detik ke 57!! (YES THAT'S RIGHT, 3 MORE FREAKING SECONDS JAMNYA NAMBAH SEJEM HAHAHAHAHAHAHA WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS), masih inget banget dulu struk parkirnya sampe gue tempel di dinding kamar dengan penuh kebanggaan :p

10 April 2015

Little rebel.

Pas gue lagi lunch mba bilang sambil ketawa-ketawa:

M: Non Sammy spellingnya dapet 4. Kata dia, "Ya gapapa dong kan umur aku masih 4." Aku bilang, "Mana boleh begitu." (Lagian umur dia pun 5, bisaan aja tuh anak.)

Selese makan gue samperin Sammy bilang:

C: Mana spellingnya yang dapet 4, Soy ie mau liat. Bawa ke kamar Soy ie sini.
S: *Pasang muka innocent* Dulu aku udah pernah dapet 9. (Hahahaha keturunan gue ni, belum apa-apa udah defensive.)
C: Iya tauuu. Soy ie cuma mau liat doang yang dapet 4.

Begitu dia masuk kamar gue liat nilai spelling dia recently yang dapet 4, terus 3, etc etc.

C: Nah ini dapet 3 lagi, kebanyakan main kan.
S: *Sibuk balik halamannya, terus nanya* Ini dapet berapa?
C: 10...... -.-"
S: *Balik halaman lagi* Kalo ini?
C: 9....
S: Ini?
C: Iya 10.
S: Ini?
C: Iya iya 9. Terus dulu bagus kenapa sekarang jadi 3, 4? Kurang belajar kan tandanya?
S: Iya.
C: Entar spelling ulang sama Soy ie ya. Dah sana main dulu.
S: *Langsung menghilang keluar kamar gue terus balik lagi bawa segerobak mainan*

Hahaha pinter ngeles and nyaut banget tuh anak, gatau belajar dari mana ckck.

Kemarin malem:
C: Itu ga salah Antalku jadi senderan Elsa Anna-mu?  |  S: Ngga~

07 April 2015

Sweet little fellas.

Sore menuju malem hari ini gue bawa Sam main ke rumah Aidan (sekalian anter nyokap ke rumah sakit check up), pas pulang nci gue cerita kalo Aidan eek di celana pas dia ama Sammy ditinggal main berdua di dalem kamar. Hahahaha. This was what happened:

Aidan and Sparky - boneka baru kesayangan.
Perutnya santai aza dong Den.

Awwwhhhh <3 ahahaha Sammy is just the sweetest cece ever. Toleransi dia ke Aidan gede banget, meski sering bete gara-gara barangnya direbut, mostly dia tetep ngalah and eventually understand. Or maybe karena tenaga dan suara Aidan kenceng juga pas ngerebut barang dia lol.

Mama is sorry.

So, dari beberapa bulan lalu gue kinda into tiny cactuses (mannnn look at 'em, who can resist those cuteness rightttt) but unfortunately every each of them perlahan-lahan mati di tangan gue. Sumpah gue ga tau kenapa T___T 3 biji ini yang pertama kali gue beli bulan October 2014:

Menurut sang penjual cara ngerawatnya gampang:
1. Kasih air dikit aja seminggu sekali (max 2 kali).
2. Jangan langsung dijemur di bawah matahari direct, taro di tempat yang kena matahari tapi adem.

THAT'S ALL. SOUNDS EASY RIGHT. Tapi entah kenapa pasti taneman gue kering :'( man so sad. Dari 3 di atas, yang bertahan sampe minggu lalu cuma yang panjang berduri... But then I made a big mistake dengan mengairi dia kebanyakan (karena gue mau ngetes sebenernya harus seberapa 'sedikit' air yang gue kasi? I was afraid selama ini ternyata gue kasih airnya terlalu sedikit, karena kata sedikit itu kan subjective :'( hiks), akhirnya doi mati dengan super mengenaskan...

Sumpah gue shock banget pas beberapa hari lalu bangun dan liat bentuk doi jadi begini........ MAMA TUI PU CHI. MAMA IS SO SO SORRYYYYY T____T hiks kasian banget. Kebanyakan air ampe letoy dia... Sammy ampe bilang ke mba gue, "Mba e, kasian banget ya. Mau nangis liatnya." LOL... Soy ie feels the same way Sam.. :"(

Terus pulang dari Malaysia beli 1 cactus kecil, entah kenapa sekarang mulai kering juga and daunnya copot-copot. Aduh hati gue miris banget..

Udah pernah gue test jemur di bawah matahari, eh dia malah kinda jadi kering. Gue bawa masuk rumah tapi tetep kena matahari subtle, eh dia juga kering. Sigh....

Rasanya mataharinya di dalem rumah ga cukup banyak, tapi di luar way kebanyakan deh. Stres gue beneran :'( And it really hurts me seeing those lil cactuses die one by one. Nguaaa :'( Sowwieee guysss :'( Kalau ada yang tau cara ngerawat cactus dengan bener, please do lemme know. Desperate housewife nih gue :'(

05 April 2015

Happy Easter!

So so sorrrryyyy for disappearing from this blog since the end of March, I've been busy enjoying the long weekend (and busy attending at-least-2-hours-4-days-in-a-row church masses :p nope God, I'm not complaining, just saying :) khekekekek.)

Anyway Happy Easter from usssss! <3

After a couple of "say cheese", "look here", and "smile please" someone made it very clear to Soy ie that
he's tired of getting photographed and he'll stay in that position until Soy ie put her camera away.

Good Friday mass? Sounds like snack time!

Ps: have I told you guys here that Peekmybook is also available at Preei, Pasar Santa (Senopati) 1st Floor near the food court? ;)

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