29 April 2015

Don't poke the bear.

I couldn't help but to write a lil bit about the Bali Nine execution that happened last night. This is solely my opinion.

This morning I read a few interesting news about this matter:
Indonesia murdered eight people. The time for being polite is over
When a country is weak, it will be bullied
Bali 9 executions: Abbott government withdraws ambassador to Indonesia
Australian PM Tony Abbott warns Indonesia over imminent executions

"Everyone was so polite. Not because they are naturally well-mannered, but because of a pragmatic judgment that to be “respectful” to Indonesia as a sovereign nation, respectful towards its judicial system, respectful to its political leaders, was the best way – the only way – to save two Australians from being taken out in the middle of the night and shot dead. Now that has happened and we can stop being polite."

I think that explains how arrogant the writer was. Being respectful to Indonesia and its judicial system IS A MUST, with or without the intention of saving two Australians. Indonesia is a completely different country; we have different problems, different rules and laws. Deal with it.

"Nothing excuses what Indonesia has done. This was about domestic politics and president Widodo’s determination to be tough in the face of foreign pressure."

I don't understand how this decision is considered as a form of domestic politic plays by our government; Indonesia did state that drug trafficking is punishable by death. The real question should be asked to Aussie government, who's willing to risk the (not-so-good-anymore) relationship between two countries by doing numerous 'polite' pleas of mercy. This was stated in International Business Times in Feb 2015:

"Speaking to Australian Network Channel Ten Abbott said: "We will be finding ways to make our displeasure felt. Millions of Australians are feeling sickened by what might be about to happen in Indonesia." Abbott has come under increasing domestic pressure recently, culminating in a bid to have him replaced, but he seems to have divined public opinion on this issue."

Now THAT should be politics. Aussie government once warned there will be "consequences" if the shootings were carried out. Jokowi isn't the one who's trying to 'play tough', Abbott is.

To everyone who's opposing Sukumaran's and Chan's execution: yes death penalty might be inhumane, it might be cruel, and it doesn't comply with what our religions have taught us. But it's an ugly truth we all have to learn to accept, that the world we are living in right now isn't yet a place filled with peace and peace only. War happens everyday and innocent people die. Your country (or the country you're living in right now) might be safer than Indonesia, more liveable, nicer, your government might be more honest, your people might be more prosperous, and your country might be better in a lot of ways that it doesn't have to implement death penalty or worry about a lot of things that we're worrying right now. But as Indonesian, we have our own war to fight. You don't have to understand or agree with us, but know this: Australia, you have zero right to keep questioning our president and judicial system. Our government has been very patient coping with all the 'polite' pleas in which a lot of them contain 'polite' threats. So I assure you Mr. Abbott, there will also be consequences of your-so-called-consequences.


  1. I agree to your opinion about how how arrogant the writer was and how other countries must respect our law. Everytime we are entering Indonesia we will be given warnings that drugs are prohibited.
    But I also see there is no relation in killing drug dealer with stopping drug market. Where there is demand, there will be supply. Even if we kill 1 supplier, a thousand others will follow. I think the right step to make is not to kill somebody (who also have families) but to:
    1. sit with the head of their countries, to ban them from ever entering Indonesia anymore, and punish them with the heaviest punishment other than death.
    2. collaborate with them to create better education and mental shape of young generations so that they won't consume drugs
    3. screen our own people and punish them too! (how did the drugs got in here in the first place if they're not paid to shut up?)

    1. "There is no relation in killing drug dealer with stopping drug market. "

      And how is letting them alive help in stopping drugs problems? Hukuman mati sedikit banyak pasti memberikan efek jera, atau paling ngga membuat calon drug traffickers lainnya mikir-mikir sebelum bawa masuk drugs ke Indo.

      Presiden Jokowi ingin memberantas kasus narkoba di dalam negri, bukan dengan naive ingin menyelesaikan permasalahan drugs di dunia. Hukuman mati ini adalah sebuah peringatan keras bahwa negara kita tidak memberikan toleransi kepada warga asing yang datang dengan tujuan merusak.

      "Sit with the head of their countries, to ban them from ever entering Indonesia anymore, and punish them with the heaviest punishment other than death."

      Kamu sendiri bilang kalo: "Even if we kill 1 supplier, a thousand others will follow." Apa lagi kalo hukumannya cuma di-ban dari entering Indo atau dipenjara seumur hidup? Masih banyak yang suka rela mengantri di belakang untuk menggantikan posisi mereka jadi drug traffickers; kenapa demikian? Karena uang yang dijanjikan sebanding dengan resikonya. Nah sekarang kalau resikonya adalah nyawa mereka sendiri? Ets nanti dulu.

      "Collaborate with them to create better education and mental shape of young generations so that they won't consume drugs"

      Andai mewujudkan ini adalah semudah mengatakannya. Mendidik orang dalam negri (dan orang-orang di dunia) untuk ga buang sampah sembarangan aja kita masih gagal. Membentuk mental generasi muda anti narkoba tentu perlu, tapi pastinya hal ini cuma bisa terwujud melalui tahap yang sangat panjang dan lama.

      "Screen our own people and punish them too!"

      Yes agree! Definitely! Pahitnya soal Indonesia adalah, memerangi penjahat dari luar negri sometimes lebih mudah dari memerangi penjahat di dalam negri sendiri. Tapi saya percaya presiden Jokowi tidak menutup sebelah mata terhadap sindikat narkoba di Indonesia, hanya saja beliau bukan magician atau superhero yang bisa menyelesaikan banyak masalah sekaligus. Not to mention di dalam government dan badan kepolisian Indonesia sendiri tidak banyak yang benar-benar bisa dipercaya. Coba pikir, berapa banyak presiden kita yang menjabat sebelum beliau; berapa tahun masa jabatan mereka kalau ditotal; apa masalah narkoba ini pernah benar-benar berusaha diselesaikan? Boro-boro diselesaikan, hukuman mati aja bisa ketunda sampai 1 dekade.

      Untuk itu semua pastinya perlu proses, dan melihat bobroknya Indonesia pada saat ini, that process could take a very very long time. Mungkin kalau rakyat Indonesia lebih civilized dan tidak mudah terprovokasi, negri ini bisa lebih cepet ketolong. Lah ini? Ga sedikit orang di sekitar saya yang keliatan cuma mau instan, tidak bisa menghargai proses, dan kerjanya hanya menyalahkan pemerintahan Jokowi yang menurut mereka tidak becus.

      Anyway back to topic :) Hukuman mati mungkin bukan jalan terbaik, tapi belum tentu juga itu merupakan keputusan yang salah. Kita ga akan pernah benar-benar tau karena dampak dari keputusan seperti ini ga bisa dilihat dalam 1 atau 2 minggu. Pemberantasan narkoba adalah perjuangan yang panjang. Plus what do we know about running a country? Kita ga bisa mengutuk mati-matian apa yang dilakukan oleh seseorang unless kita pernah atau sedang berdiri di sepatu orang itu. Kita di balik komputer masing-masing berbicara dan mengambil keputusan untuk diri sendiri, sedangkan seorang pemimpin negara harus memikirkan dan bertanggung-jawab atas nasib banyak orang.

      Fiuh panjang abis.


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