05 April 2015

Happy Easter!

So so sorrrryyyy for disappearing from this blog since the end of March, I've been busy enjoying the long weekend (and busy attending at-least-2-hours-4-days-in-a-row church masses :p nope God, I'm not complaining, just saying :) khekekekek.)

Anyway Happy Easter from usssss! <3

After a couple of "say cheese", "look here", and "smile please" someone made it very clear to Soy ie that
he's tired of getting photographed and he'll stay in that position until Soy ie put her camera away.

Good Friday mass? Sounds like snack time!

Ps: have I told you guys here that Peekmybook is also available at Preei, Pasar Santa (Senopati) 1st Floor near the food court? ;)

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  1. homaigahh aidan willard macem berumur 5 taon gituhhh...


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