16 April 2015

The best, best, best tv series ever.

I've been a long time (and quite fanatic) fan of Game of Thrones since I first watched it in 2012. I think it's undoubtedly one of the best tv series ever made. This post will contain spoilers from GoT Season 5 Episode 3; if you:

1. Haven't watch it yet and don't want to know the story - close this page or scroll really fast to skip the pictures (no texts, only pictures from one particular scene).
2. Haven't watch it yet but don't mind spoilers - please proceed.
3. Have never watched Game of Thrones before - PLEASE START DOING IT NOW. PLEASE. PLEASE.

Hahaha okay here we go. I watched this particular part 3 times because it's soooooooooo frickin cool!! Gosh John Snow is so perfect :')


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