15 May 2015

Sam's story book.

Created two mini books for Sammy and an hour later she came to me bringing this:

"Story of Peny - Ellsa"
Peny is one of her doll's name. She created two story books and wrote Elsa and Anna on the covers.
I supposed this story book belongs to Elsa.

"Ones upon e tim der is a girl"
Once upon a time, there is a girl.

"Col ha Peni ving shi ara"
I had no freaking idea how to translate this.
Hahaha I asked her and she said it's "called Peny. She are."

Oops.. I believe she meant baby :) She meant to write:
Once upon a time there is a girl called Peny. She is a baby.

"An dan the baby is born"
And then the baby is born.

"And dan the baby are boredh"
And then the baby is bored.

She explains that the baby has grown up.

This is her pet cat.

That's Peny and her mom taking an afternoon walk, and apparently Peny is afraid of dog.

Left: Peny's mom taking an afternoon nap. Right: Peny's working in front of her computer.

"Anaknya udah ama-ama, maminya udah lauma-lauma. The end."
Meaning: Peny is now old; she's a grandma and her mom is a great grandma.
She handed me the book and asked me to write this page with these exact words.
And that's how I found out she has created this story book.

Haha, I swear this is the cutest book ever.

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  1. HUAHAHAHHAHAHA keknya dia ceritain soy ienyaaa dehhhhhh


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