29 August 2015

Selalu begini.

Percakapan antara Sam dan sang pacar pas lagi main bareng:

S: Kamu mau makan apa?
F: Nasi rebus ya.
S: Ga ada nasi rebus, adanya ayam goreng (si Sam ini suka banget makan ayam goreng paha, and fyi sang pacar sukanya dada.)
F: Oh ya udah deh.. Minta dada ya.
S: Disini ga ada yang dada, adanya paha goreng.
F: Oh oke...

Terus beberapa menit kemudian..

S: Kamu namanya Bapak siapa?
F: Saya Pak Ramli.
S: Jelek banget sih Ramli, jangan dong.
F: Ya udah Pak Rodrigues (norak amat kan sang pacar, gue sampe kaga tau gimana cara nulisnya), keren kan?
S: Oke Pak Delon aja ya.
F: Oke..
C: Hahaha apapun yang lu katakan dia udah punya plot sendiri.

Hahaha sukurrr.

26 August 2015

New moon-tah.

Found few interesting things from my family's photo studio album (taken a few years ago)... They're so so so.......... awfully captured that it made me awkward only by looking at them. Hahahaha stupid photographer (he's the one who asked us to pose like this).

I remember thinking, "Da hell... This pose is so weird." And bam! This picture says it all! It's indeed horrible and weird. Damn chu Mr. Photographer. Hahaha, like what the hell was I doing down there, being a Cinderella??!! Shieet. The picture will look much better if they just crop me out :< *sulking*

Now brace yourself.. Another awkward photo is coming...... JRENGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!

HAHAHAHA. Close enough rigghhttt? I just couldn't help but to do this. HAHAHAHA.

25 August 2015

Calon kaos si Ahok.

Haluuuw! I'm joining this contest for fun: lomba design kaos Ahok - kaos yang menang akan dicetak sebagai merchandise resmi.

Dari 312 entries yang masuk, dipilih 33 finalis. Lucky me, 1 dari 3 design yang gue submit lolos. Tapi yang lain beneran kece-kece juga designnya. Do vote for me pwease! Tapi kalau kalian ngebrowse around and find there's another design that you like better, feel free untuk vote mereka ya! :)

Anyway udah ada 6-8 sodara + temen gue yang bilang kalau mereka ga bisa ngevote :( I dunno why. Kayaknya bug dari aplikasi Wishpondnya. Entah mereka ga bisa klik button vote, atau ga dapet email konfirmasi, atau udah klik button tapi vote ga bertambah. Anyway ya apapun lah gue crossing fingers aja, kalo dapet cihuy, ngga ya udah.

Ini penampakan kalau votenya berhasil: ada tanda centangnya dan angka nambah 1.

At this moment vote orang lain udah lebih banyak kayaknya (kemarin malem si gue udah kalah haha, hari ini belum cek, tapi harusnya udah jauh ya since mereka cepet banget nambahnya). Okhey, tengkis bulu tengkis in advance!

24 August 2015

Confession of a selfish pig-head.

I am so so so tired and sleepy right now, but this one particular post need to be published asap. Even thou I feel like I am pretty honest in writing my blog, I almost never talk about me and bf's fighting details cause it always feels too personal (and I don't want to attract unnecessary attention, or stalker, if you know what I mean.... *wink*). But there will be an exception for tonight.

So yesterday me and bf had a fight (that explains the emotional writing I posted yesterday... oops). We were planning to go somewhere quite far from Jakarta and we're leaving early in the morning (we've got someone to pick us up), so he had to be at my house at 4:30 in the morning. He was sweating when I opened the door for him (he was running because he didn't want to be late (his house's pretty near); and he was carrying a few kgs of coffee at that moment). That coffee - turned out to be an order from his customer, and he stayed up all night preparing that order. He didn't want to leave that order unfinished cause he would feel uneasy in our trip (and also because we didn't know for sure what time we would head back home). He then told me that he didn't get to sleep at all.

I was shocked and.. upset. I was truly upset to the point where my eyes starting to tear (of course not immediately in front of the house gate, hahaha my life is not a Korean drama. It started happening after I nagged for a while). Long story short I told him that he made me worry, and that I wouldn't want him to go in that kind of sleepless condition, cause it's probably going to be a long and tiring day. And I told him again, that sometimes he need to choose between work and me, and it's better for me to see him choosing work rather than see him forcing himself like this over and over again (we have had a couple of arguments about this before, and I kept telling him I don't like seeing him forcing things like that).

It's just, it didn't make me happy at all seeing him showed up like that. I worried, I felt like crap, guilty, and I had this mix sad-angry feelings I couldn't seem to explain. And I know for sure that I wouldn't be upset if he told me beforehand that he had some work to do. I would be so happy to see him working so hard and diligently.

After he saw me crying, he said sorry but didn't talk much after that. He did try to explain himself, but being a shit-nagging girlfriend I was, I just kept telling him that I didn't like what he did. We spent the day like normal human beings, laughing and etc with my other family members (the trip was hosted by my extended family).

Long story short again, we went to church together that night and then parted our ways without talking this through or resolving the tension. Few hours before we ended our night, he told me that he has always wanted to be with me, no matter how busy or tired he was. He told me he was struggling that midnight, to get the order ready before dawn so he could join my family trip, and it would be nice to see a little bit of happiness and gratitude from me; but instead I showed him only my disappointment.

His words were short (very very short compared to mine haha), but it hit me hard, and it traveled back and forth in my mind for a long time. Later that night, right before going to bed, I told my mom about this and she said to me, that even thou she understand how I feel, I shouldn't be that angry over something that has already happened. I should've been more understanding. I should've greeted him with much better attitude, cause after all he showed up for me and me only.

And just like that, my eyes were wide opened and I knew what I have done wrong. I know, screw me for taking more than 15 hours to finally understand that simple thing. He came to my house this afternoon, and the first thing he did when he saw me was hugging me real tight. I hugged him back, and I told him that I was sorry. He whispered back that he should be the one who said that. I answered him that I was the wrong party, and I was truly sorry.

Sigh, even writing this makes me very emotional *sobs*. I did and said a lot of unfair things to him yesterday, and the first thing he did when he saw me today was to hug me. *Insert emoticon of a woman screaming and crying while scratching the wall using her nails here* I swear no one handled me better than him. I feel truly loved and wanted. Everything he does seem to be for me or because of me. Every day I witness a living proof of an unconditional love that comes from a person who is not a mother.

Every day, I learn the importance about finding and choosing someone who see and accept you for who you truly are. I am fully aware that I am such a hard person to deal with, and many times I can be very hard to control. Without abundance amount of genuine love, he wouldn't be here today to hold my hands and guide me through life.

Every day he teaches me how to compromise and put aside our individual ego for a greater good.

And every day he shows me something I didn't quite believe before, that differences unite people even more compared to similarities, and it's probably the only thing that could bring them together forever.

F, thank you for introducing me to this kind of love. I could never ask God for more. Sorry for always being a selfish pig-head.

I love you, so much, more than you can ever imagine.

*Sobs again* *Insert emoticon of a pig crying here*

23 August 2015

Nowhere but here.

It's been quite some time
And I'm still here
Waiting for you to catch up
You don't understand
Feelings and tears
It doesn't matter anymore
Cos you had me all this time
Cos we always stay no matter what
Heart gets hurt
And then it heals
But a thing or two remains behind
But it doesn't matter anymore
Cos I'm still here
Feeling once again like this
Cos maybe you just won't understand

22 August 2015

Unexpected quote book.

A new favorite book of mine <3

Been filling this book with motivational quotes for promotional purposes, but suddenly decided to turn it into my personal quote & reflection book. Love itttt <3

Ps: bought a $10 photo editing app from the App Store, ended up using VSCO cam all over again. Damn chu.

18 August 2015

Currently watching.

Oh My Ghostess!

OH MAI GAWWWWDDDDDDDD!! Sumprit seru bangettttt! Jadi beberapa hari lalu gue liat berita tentang gimana drama ini, meski belum selese airing di Korea, tapi license broadcastingnya udah dibeli negara lain. Akhirnya iseng-iseng gue nonton... (At this very moment gue baru selese nonton ep 13, dan preview ep 14nya KAYAK ANJWING SERUNYA).

Seriesnya sendiri cuma sampe 16 (kalo ga salah).. uhuhuhu!! Anyway SUPER DUPERRR RECOMMENDEDDDDD! It's been such a loooooooooong time rasanya since the last time gue nemu drama sebagus ini. Fyi dramanya ada hubungannya sama hantu (sebenernya romance comedy), cuma di ep 1, 2, dan 1 ep lagi nomor berapa gue aga lupa, beneran muncul setan serem banget. Taik... Meski cuma beberapa detik tapi gue beneran jantungan dan jadi was-was nontonnya.

Tapi selain itu up to ep 13 belum muncul aneh-aneh lagi hehe. Aduhhhhh bagus banget :") beneran super recommended!

15 August 2015

KTP untuk Ahok.

Terharu bangettt nonton video di bawah ini :"")

Kemarin siang gue makan bakmi di deket SMA gue dulu, pemiliknya kebetulan seorang ie-ie yang anaknya juga sekolah di SMA gue, dan seangkatan pula sama gue dan sang pacar. Kita ngobrol lama, dari masalah A-Z, dan topik eventually sampai ke Ahok.

Ie-ie ini bilang kalau dia sebenernya mendukung, tapi at the same time ragu dan aga enggan ngumpulin KTP untuk Ahok karena usahanya sendiri terasa dipersulit semenjak Ahok naik.

Gue dan sang pacar of course tetap berusaha ngelobi (hahaha), at one point gue bilang kalau "Ahok terkesan tidak memperhatikan pedagang atau pengusaha dan malahan mempersulit, karena hidup kita memang udah baik-baik aja. Orang-orang kecil yang ga mampu itu yang perlahan-lahan dia sejahterakan."

Gue cerita gimana dulu ngobrol sama tukang sapu di pinggir jalan; ibu ini bilang dulu gaji dia cuma Rp 600.000 per bulan (itu pun dikasihnya suka ngaret), dan semenjak ada Ahok, gaji dia dinaikkan 4x lipat jadi sesuai UMR.

Sembari bercanda gue bilang ke si ie-ie, "Ayo ie, pilih dia supaya cucu ie-ie dan anak saya nanti bisa hidup di Jakarta yang lebih baik." Hahaha, ie-ie itu cuma ketawa-ketawa aja dengernya. Sebelum pisah gue bilang sekali lagi dengan nada bercanda untuk jangan lupa kumpulin KTP, dan dengan tertawa kecil ie-ie itu bilang "Iya oke." (Semoga beneran dikumpulin ya ie :D haha)

Nah teman- temaaaann, udah ngumpulin KTP buat Ahok belum? :)

Real patience test.

Yaluuuuu, ayam sori ayam titanium udah ngilang kaga jelas. Gila now that I think about it again, bener-bener kaga kerasa udah ga ngeblog sekian masa. Padahal gue kaga ngapa-ngapain, cuma lately my mind was occupied by certain things sih.

Anyway lemme ngerefresh blog ini dengan sedikit cerita lucu yang pada saat bersamaan menyebalkan. Jadi di rumah gue ada 2 pembantu, mba e sama suster ama. Suster ama ini tugasnya jagain ama (nenek) gue. Nah si suster ini sumpah ajubilah lemot and bolotnya, sampe kadang gue mau marah pun kaga bisa karena dia not even nyambung. Even light conversation sama dia aja bisa bikin orang kesel. Barusan nih, ada orang masuk ke gerbang rumah gue. Dia keluar mau bukain kunci pintu utama, gue tanyalah itu si mba bukan (soalnya mba tadi pagi pergi, dan kalau bukan si mba gue mau masuk kamar cos baju gue kinda sexy tidak pantas untuk diliat tamu hakakakak). Lalu terjadilah percakapan ini:

C: Sus, mba kan itu?
S: Pasar.
C: Iya si mba kan itu?
S: Ini pulang.

ANNJJJJJJJJJ...... Sumpah ANJ kan itu? Hahah kesel abis jawab yang bener kek gitu.. For years gw wondering apa ini orang beneran *maap* bloon.. Atau dia simply sengaja aja...?? Well few days ago nci gue mengconfirm bahwa dia adalah 100% yang pertama.

Jadi nci gue cerita dia baru pulang dari dinas di Cirebon, terus dia bilang ke nyokap gue kalo dia dikasih minyak kayu putih murni yang belum difilter. Nah si suster ama gue ini ada di dapur jadi dia denger. Abis selese cerita, nci gue taro botol minum Pristine (yang packagingnya sumpah cakep itu lohhh~~) sekitar 4-5 botol di dapur. You know what.. Abis itu suster ama gue jalan ke depan botol Pristine itu.. Terus dia ngeliatin botol-botolnya sambil bergumam..

S: Oh ini toh minyak kayu putih...

Hahaha taik banget kan. Nci gue cuma senyam-senyum doang. Greeeekkkk. Gue kaga bohong, sometimes stres ngomong sama si suster di rumah. Kaga nyambung banget orangnya, terus mulutnya suka sok tau lagi kadang. Kzl. I mean dia itu simply ignorant juga, wong kita di rumah udah sering minum air dari botol Pristine gitu, masa dia masih bisa kaga tau sih mana yang apa.. Alah entah lah, tar kualat lagi gue ngomongin orang. Haha ok ciaoooo~

(Wanjeng kan, menghilang beberapa hari, balik cuma buat ngatain orang hahaha)

05 August 2015

Keep it coming Telkom.

Aduh tengah malem begini sumpah gelisah sampe ora iso bobo. Huhuhuhu... this is gonna be a.. very very hard week for me I guess. Anyway selingan cerita dikit soal Indifred a.k.a Indihome kamfred eaaa (bukan Indihome Freddy loh~ hahahaha.. haha.. haha. hah.. ha.. hh..)

Kasus terakhir.

Jadi beberapa minggu lalu gue ketemu sepupu gue yang ngenalin gue ke Indihome, singkat cerita paket Indihome ini kan menawarkan internet + tv cable + 1000 menit gratis telp lokal dan SLJJ untuk telp rumah. Nah intinya gue bilang ke koko sepupu gue kalo telp rumah gue tetap kena charge normal. Dia bilang harusnya ngga, harusnya kalau pemakaian gue di bawah 1000 menit untuk telp lokal can SLJJ, maka gue ga perlu bayar (turns out bukan ga perlu bayar, tapi dibuletin ke bawah jadi Rp 50.000 - ini gue baru tau setelah ngobrol sama pihak Telkom juga). Dia nyaranin gue untuk nanya lagi ke Telkom.

Karena jujur gue super malesssss, akhirnya gue ga nanya karena SUMPAH cape aja gitu urusan sama mereka terus. Eh entah cemana, minggu lalu gue disapa lagi sama Bapak X, beliau nanya gimana Indihomenya udah beres belum. Jadilah gue cerita ke dia soal tagihan telp ini, dia bilang akan suruh anak buah urus. Lusanya gue dicall sama mba A lagi (jam 9 malem fyi, tanpa ada say sorry lagi udah ganggu malem-malem), dan dia bilang besokannya akan telp gue setelah mencari tau soal kasus ini.

Keesokan harinya (which is 4 Agustus sore) dia telp gue bilang intinya account telp gue ga didaftarin untuk dikasih benefit 1000 menit ketika gue sign up internet Indihome. Which membuat gue disappointed dan mempertanyakan itu ke mba A. Gue bilang masa marketing kalian gembar-gembor benefit dari A-Z tapi ternyata diem-diem customer ditipu begini? Berapa banyak sih orang Indonesia yang bother cek-in perincian telp mereka gue tanya? Itu kalo ga dicetak terperinci kan ga ketauan apa kita tetep bayar lokal SLJJ apa ngga (karena billingnya nyampur sama internet, dan bill telp sendiri banyak tetek bengeknya ga cuma lokal SLJJ doang.)

Bener-bener ga masuk akal ini Telkom. Gue tanya ke dia kenapa bisa ga di sign up? Si mba A TANPA say sorry sama sekali cuma bilang kesalahan personil saat itu (how convenient ya jawabannya). Gue yakin ini orang pasti punya jabatan quite tinggi (keliatan dari gaya ngomong dia, dan the way dia bisa call orang jam 9 malem tanpa ngerasa ga enak, dan gimana dia ga bother minta maaf ke gue atas semua kesialan gue ini. Gue rasa dia ga mau aja suck this up karena kesalahan bawahan dia.)

Gue bilang ke si mba A, teknisi Indihome aja kalo dateng ke rumah untuk benerin tv atau internet kadang suka minjem telp rumah gue buat call kantor (beberapa ada yang tau diri telp pake hp sendiri), dan gue selalu kasih karena gue pikir gue dapet gratis 1000 menit. Eh tau-tau kaga. Sakit jiwa nih Telkom.

Akhirnya mba A tutup telp, bilang mau itungin dulu account gue selama 2 bulan terakhir ini kelebihan dicharge berapa duit. Turns out gue kelebihan Rp 116.000 dan itu akan dipotong dari tagihan di bulan Agustus (dan account telp gue langsung dikasih benefit 1000 menit). Dan cara ngomong si mba A ini ga ada rasa bersalah deh pokoknya (atau at least malu gitu company lu full of bull crap and fraud like this.) Terus you know cara dia email gue soal update billing gimana?

1. Penuh dengan typo dan singkatan... 2. Bahkan ga bother untuk memulai kalimat dengan huruf kapital (oh wow serasa lagi sms-an ya mbaaa~). Lalu 3. Kalimat ga ditutup tanda baca seperti titik. 4. Ga bother pake signature profesional pada umumnya, cuma 'Thanks' doang di bagian bawah. Pokoknya super kaga formal deh emailnya, bener-bener kayak ga lagi nanganin komplain customer. Macem email yang gue kirim ke nci gue kalo lagi nanya sesuatu, "ce knp akir-akir ini jrg like foto gw di ig, trs foto gw yg ini udah cukup lucu blom buat jd fb profile pic, liatin dgn seksama trs email gw balik asap tq" <-- semacam entuw. Mau tepuk tangan ga coba bacanya? Gue sih jujur udah sampe tepuk pramuka tadi. Hahaha.

Sang pacar ampe suruh gue nanya ke dia, "Mba mau perbaiki sikap mba ketika bicara sama saya, atau mba mau dapat teguran langsung aja dari Bapak X?" Hahahaha azek kan. Bisa tengil juga ya ternyata si sang pacar, qi qi qi.

Anyway back to topic.. gue ga abis pikir deh bener-bener.. Gue sampe nanya ke sang pacar, siapa di negara ini yang punya kuasa untuk gampar and toyor si Telkom yang jelas-jelasan penipu ini sih?! Harus menteri kah? Presiden kah? I personally think this is effin serious loh guys... Bukan uang kecil, dan korban mereka bukan cuma 1-2 orang. Someone create a petition already please!! Hahahaha kesel banget loh gila. Gulingin aja atau tutup sekalian, oper ke perusahaan swasta, apa kek pokoknya jangan biarin Telkom monopoli lagi sambil makanin duit rakyat diem-diem. So sickening man.. I truly suggest kalian buat cek bill telp rumah masing-masing (PLN and PAM juga harus kata orang-orang - pokoknya yang urusan sama pemerintah, harus sering cek), banyak orang yang cerita di blog atau forum kalau bill telp mereka mencapai 150.000 - 200.000 padahal jarang pake, setelah berbulan-bulan atau bahkan bertahun-tahun baru ketahuan penyebabnya karena mereka disign-up in Paket Abonemen Biaya Tetap secara SEPIHAK oleh Telkom (paket yang benefitnya ga kalian pake juga, tapi kalian dipaksa bayar per bulan). Anyway yang mau ngecek billing bisa via online lewat MyTelkom, Googling ajijah yeaa.

Terus sore menjelang malem gue chat begini ke Bapak X:

Bapak ini sih baik dan keliatan lurus ya (kata dia dan istrinya, dia paling ga suka orang yang mainannya 'ga lurus'.) Nah itu lah, too bad bawahan dia pasti banyak yang korup dan penipu, so yea.. eventually we as the customers have to eat all the shits.

Pengen banget gue taro ini di Kaskus atau Kompasiana biar nyebar, tapi pas Googling.. Keluhan serupa tentang mereka juga udah buanyaaaakkk banget disana... Meski ga ada yang sepanjang dan berepisode-episode kayak gue gini sih. Hahaha.

C'mon Telkom, keep it coming.

PS: buat yang mau baca drama komplit soal Indihome dari season 1 episode 1, bisa klik label di bawah ini (atau di bagian kanan blog), under the name of "Telkom & Indihome". Selamat membaca & menikmati :)

03 August 2015

One that doesn't betray.

"I learned that effort doesn't betray like a person."

Man.. that was really deep. What a great and encouraging video this is.
*Standing applause* :")

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