26 August 2015

New moon-tah.

Found few interesting things from my family's photo studio album (taken a few years ago)... They're so so so.......... awfully captured that it made me awkward only by looking at them. Hahahaha stupid photographer (he's the one who asked us to pose like this).

I remember thinking, "Da hell... This pose is so weird." And bam! This picture says it all! It's indeed horrible and weird. Damn chu Mr. Photographer. Hahaha, like what the hell was I doing down there, being a Cinderella??!! Shieet. The picture will look much better if they just crop me out :< *sulking*

Now brace yourself.. Another awkward photo is coming...... JRENGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!

HAHAHAHA. Close enough rigghhttt? I just couldn't help but to do this. HAHAHAHA.

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