30 September 2015

Festive October.

I can't believe it's the end of September already! ARRRRRRRGHHHHHHH! I'm gladly welcoming October, one of my most favorite months every year! Me and bf will be having our 8th anniversary this month, and we're going to South Korea soon after!


So so so excited! Anyway, I started doing some new things this September and I swear I'm glad I did. This is my biggest project to date; it requires a tremendous amount of energy and time, and I wouldn't be able to reveal it anytime soon. At this point the progress was still... still... very slow and often I feel like I don't have the skill and capacity to fulfil the plan and make it work. But then I keep telling myself as well, to just move on one step at a time and learn along the way.

Phew. September has been pretty tough and nerve-wrecking. I swear I need a fun break and that's why I couldn't wait for mid October to come (that's when all the good stuffs happen.)


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