29 October 2015

Sedikit tentang golongan darah.

Jadi begini, dari duluuuuuu kecil sampe gue gede, gue ga pernah bener-bener tau golongan darah gue apa. I knew my dad was A dan nyokap B, nci pertama O, dan nci kedua either B atau AB. Tapi gue ga pernah tau punya gue sendiri apa. Entah gimana pun, pas dapet KTP di umur 17, golongan darah gue ditulis TI (apa artinya pun gue kaga tau... 'tidak punya darah' keles dikira.. hahaha.) Sampe gue umur 22 tahun, gue berpikir bahwa golongan darah gue A (alias ikut bokap), lalu tahun itu gue masuk rumah sakit dan nyokap request ke susternya untuk ngecek golongan darah gue apa (lol karena doi sendiri pun lupa). Jeng jeng! Ternyata hasilnya bukan A dan hasilnya itu langsung immediately gue lupakan dari memory karena selama ini gue selalu ingetnya gue itu A. Jadilah these past 3 years gue makin bingung dan simply unable to memorize my real blood type karena udah terlalu lama mikirin A terus.

Beberapa bulan lalu nci gue yang kedua bilang kalo kayaknya gue ituh B, nah semenjak itu gue jadi ke-sway kalau mungkin aja hasil test darah gue tahun 2012 lalu memang B, but again I wasn't so sure. Nah hari ini nci gue yang kedua minta detail golongan darah gue untuk isi data sesuatu (dia masih bilang kayaknya gue B), tapi karena gue ga yakin akhirnya gue bela-belain bongkar medical record tahun 2012 lalu (dari rumah sakit tempat gue dirawat), dan ternyata golongan darah gue AB+!! For God's sake. 

Hahahaha barusan gue sampe message sang pacar purposely, asking him untuk bantu gue ngingetin golongan darah AB ini and I even wrote it down on a piece of paper and put it inside my wallet. Seriously...

Sekalian biar makin inget gue taro di blog bahwa blood type gue AB! AB OKE AB. Haha maap sedikit ora santai. 

28 October 2015

Loving Seoul, missing Jeju.

I heart my trip to Seoul so so much. I just love love South Korea, period. Seriously 9 days weren't enough. I've got a lot of great pictures but too lazy to upload them all. And I have tons of exciting stories to tell but for now I am (again) too lazy to write. I know this video doesn't do justice, but it does capture a lot of great moments. Please enjoy :)

Ps: gosh damn it I frickin love that country.
Pss: due to copyright issues, this video can only be played from desktop / laptop.
Psss: thanks to my awesome friend Jack (the only bule in the video), he managed to view the video from mobile phone by doing this: "I copied the address and opened it with chrome then I selected request desktop from the preferences menu."

17 October 2015

Ke dubay.


15 October 2015

8th year.

Yesterday marks me and bf's 8th year of being together. Throughout the years his positivity has affected me in a lot of ways; it allows me to survive; it creates a better side of me; and it completes me in a greater way. These past 8 years has been amazing and I can't caann't wait to spend many more years with him.

Yesterday we started our 8th anniversary day by doing a morning yoga session with some friends :) I knew it was going to be a good day, and I was right.

I swear it was hard >.<



After that we went to Kampung 99 Pepohonan at Depok - which is a great place and it has a great & very inspiring owner (I suggested the yoga session and Depok trip because I think it will be fun activities for us to do on our big day, and as expected he agreed to it right away).

We closed the day with a dinner at Bottega Ristorante.

Pork something... It was so good, BUT THE PORTION WAS NOT FOR HUMAN. Hahaha.
The portion was toooooo little I had no choice but to order another meal :/

Bf's duck confit. It was okay.

Spaghetti aglio olio, the portion was generous and it was pretty tasty. I find it tastier
if I eat it with chili sauce thou.

Thank you for yesterday F, it was an amazing anniversary day <3

09 October 2015

Shits We Do #12

Omg it's been wayyy to long kaga ngepost update Shits We Do. Hahaha, will try to do it more often from now on :3

Anyway meski terlihat sepele, tapi sumprit cuape loh ngelakuin 3-mins workout ini. Gue sama sang pacar udah ngelakuin 2x, dan abis itu kaki gue selalu sakit berhari-hari :| Tapi cumpah exercise ini seruuuu!

Disclaimer: sebelum video ini diambil gue udah beberapa puluh kali session squat tapi videonya gagal karena kepotong dipanggil orang rumah ada telpon lah, terus alarm kaga bunyi lah, etc etc. Jadi by the time gue record video di atas, stamina udah berkurang 50% hahaha, ahem itu lah penyebab kenapa gue keliatan cape banget di video, bukannya gue kelewatan cupu loh ya, ahem tapi ya stamina gue emang tetep considered as cupu sih........

My stamina... this is for you.

Buat yang mau tau, here it is: 3-mins workout by Jordan Yeoh :3

08 October 2015

The final goodbye.

Why I Said Goodbye To An Old Friend And Never Looked Back

Life doesn’t always give us an explanation. Sometimes, things happen to us that truly don’t make any sense at the time. Years later, we are still searching for answers to those lingering questions.

I’ve been through a lot in the short 23 years of my life. I’ve been through a lot of good times, a lot of bad times and a mix of everything in-between.

However, if there’s one thing I truly care about and cherish, it’s the relationships I hold with the people close to me.

I am in no way, shape, or form, perfect by any means. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes throughout the years.

I’ve hurt people I never meant to hurt, and for a period of time, I’ve even questioned my own character. But, throughout the years, I’ve learned that some people (even those who’ve been in your life a very long time) aren’t always meant to stay in your life.

And that’s exactly what I’ve learned with you.

We all change. We’re not the same people we were five years ago, and maybe even up to five days ago. We are constantly changing and evolving because we are constantly learning and growing.

If we never changed, we could never move on to the next chapter of our lives. However, there’s a difference between changing and growing together and changing and growing apart.

I like to think I give people a lot of chances. I know we all have weaknesses that can cause us to say or do something we don’t actually mean.

But there’s a difference between recognizing the mistake and making a change and recognizing the mistake and staying exactly the same.

Trust goes a long way for me. I’ve learned it’s something very fragile. It’s not something that should be handed out very easily.

This world is full of cruel and mixed intentions. There’s a difference between trusting somebody with a genuine and sincere heart and trusting somebody who has intentions of hurting you.

For many, many years I trusted you with my life. Although we would often go months without speaking because our lives got busy, when we finally got an opportunity to speak again, it was almost like we didn’t skip a single beat.

But the second you turned your back on me, I had to let you go.

I got to a point in my relationships where enough was enough. I’ve been blessed with the ability to forgive people easily. But that blessing has also been a curse.

People tend to do things they know they can get away with; it’s almost engraved in human nature.

You knew I would never turn my back on you, no matter how many people you turned your back on. I couldn’t let you walk all over me one more time.

Don’t get me wrong; there are days when I miss you dearly. But one too many times is too many times.

You betrayed me in one of the worst ways possible and left me hanging out to dry. True friends are supposed to have each other’s backs. They’re supposed to be there for each other through thick and thin, to stand by each other and defend each other no matter what.

I did it for you too many times, and in the end, all it did was make me look foolish.

I’m not the same person I was five years ago.

Five years ago, I would’ve let you continue to walk all over me and would’ve said things were okay between us when they weren’t. I didn’t give you an explanation because I didn’t feel like you deserved one.

A true, genuine friend goes out of his or her way to make things right when he or she knows he or she is in the wrong. I’m not saying I didn’t have my fair share of mistakes because I’m sure I most definitely did.

But you don’t just turn your back on the one person who never hurt you.

I’m at that age in my life where I truly don’t need anybody who doesn’t need me or who treats me like nothing.

I left you behind because you belong in my past, not my future.

---- Source -----

Found this article on the internet and I feel like I can totally relate to it. It takes longer time than I thought, and the journey is harsher than I could ever possibly imagine, but I know I am walking and reaching to that moment, the moment when I will finally turn my back and never look back again.

4 years ago around this month, I wrote this poem for the very same person. Here I am 4 years later, staring at the same writing, but reading and meaning it in a completely different way. Nevertheless it reminds me not to worry too much, cause later on this is not going to be more than just a story.

eventually people around you are going to leave and only a few of them will stay 
one day, at one point, you're gonna need to let them go 
you might be able to postpone it, but stopping them from leaving is not gonna happen 
even if love is in the air; and no matter how hard you try to hold onto them, 
if they are not meant to be in your life, they will slowly disappear 
but hey, it's not the end of the world so don't worry 
in the blink of an eye this is gonna be just a story 
even though for sometime, the world might turn into grey 
everything will pass and you're gonna be okay 
I promise.

07 October 2015

One cheesy relationship.

I often (and have just recently) heard from some people that me and bf didn't look like a couple that has been together for almost 8 years. They say the chemistry between us looks like it's coming from a new, young couple. Long time ago, when our relationship was about 6-8 months old, bf used to discuss about our silly behavior when we're around each other. He used to joke, "Other people who see us like this will definitely think we're a new couple that has only been together for three months." This is because people tend to have their most romantic and happy moments during the first three months of their relationship. It's been quite some time since then, and he still says those words to me until this very moment.

On the other side, I too, have heard a lot of not-so-positive things about our relationship from other people. After being together for 8 months, I had to go to Malaysia to pursue my degree, and it forced us to do ldr (long distance relationship). Before it even happened, one of our closest relative told one of us that there's no way we're not gonna break up during the ldr period.

If there's one thing that we both have towards each other that is not less important than love, is trust. I think that's the most important thing a couple should have. During our ldr period, we had friends telling us not to trust our partner so much. We had friends guaranteeing us that our partner is lying to us from the other side of the country. We would usually go back home from uni, turned on Skype, and started telling each other about what they said and then laughed at them together. Ldr isn't easy, but it's not so bad as well. It's one of many other things that makes us a strong couple as we are today. And it teaches me one very important lesson: that love would not work without trust.

I have had family members telling me to enjoy this moment with bf, because once we get married: 1) He won't be as good and patient and loving, 2) I'd get sick of seeing him every day. I honestly couldn't imagine those things happening to us, not because I am being naive or delusional or feeling overconfidence, but simply because the genuine feeling that grows in our relationship doesn't seem to move towards that direction. Like this thing that happened today: I didn't feel well so I slept at 7:30 pm. We stopped chatting early tonight, and then I woke up around midnight (and couldn't sleep until 3:30 am - this is the current time when I'm typing this). We're reunited in Line by midnight, and baamm just like that we turned into these cheesy teenagers.

Pardon my zombie face.

Shiet. Seriously pardon my zombie face T_T

After this last screenshot, I replied him saying I miss him so much too.
Haha I did that to him all the time (sending him silly pictures of me and my daughters :p) Anyway it really feels like nothing has changed since the first trimester of our relationship. Thus even thou what my family members said could be true, I still believe that marriage life wouldn't be as bad as it sounded. We have love, compassion, commitment, and trust, and I think we're gonna be just fine.

But yea, of course it might happen to us one day, and if it does, hopefully I will still have this blog running so I can report back to you guys on how we deal with it :) For now, I am simply grateful and I feel both of us are really lucky to have found each other.

06 October 2015

Laugh it off.

Woke up this morning to an extremely surprising and disappointing news. It was shocking, but to my surprise, I can later cope and accept it easily.

I think life has a really good sense of humor, and most of the time we just have to laugh it off.

05 October 2015

01 October 2015

The kutil and cutie pie of my life.

This conversation happened last night:

Bf being a cutie kutil pie again. So that's what he's gonna feed me after we get married... Not the healthy whatsoever kind of food but that damn horrible nongshim noodle. Hpmhhh! Hahaha.

Anywaaaaayy I'm giving Sam this (she's taking her nap now), because she got 9 out of 10 for her spelling quiz. It's a cheap reward: 5 sheets of colorful Origami papers and a candy. Hahaha. She has been learning to write and read for a while now, and she has given me a couple of her handwritten letters. I think it will probably sweet to write her one as well.

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