07 October 2015

One cheesy relationship.

I often (and have just recently) heard from some people that me and bf didn't look like a couple that has been together for almost 8 years. They say the chemistry between us looks like it's coming from a new, young couple. Long time ago, when our relationship was about 6-8 months old, bf used to discuss about our silly behavior when we're around each other. He used to joke, "Other people who see us like this will definitely think we're a new couple that has only been together for three months." This is because people tend to have their most romantic and happy moments during the first three months of their relationship. It's been quite some time since then, and he still says those words to me until this very moment.

On the other side, I too, have heard a lot of not-so-positive things about our relationship from other people. After being together for 8 months, I had to go to Malaysia to pursue my degree, and it forced us to do ldr (long distance relationship). Before it even happened, one of our closest relative told one of us that there's no way we're not gonna break up during the ldr period.

If there's one thing that we both have towards each other that is not less important than love, is trust. I think that's the most important thing a couple should have. During our ldr period, we had friends telling us not to trust our partner so much. We had friends guaranteeing us that our partner is lying to us from the other side of the country. We would usually go back home from uni, turned on Skype, and started telling each other about what they said and then laughed at them together. Ldr isn't easy, but it's not so bad as well. It's one of many other things that makes us a strong couple as we are today. And it teaches me one very important lesson: that love would not work without trust.

I have had family members telling me to enjoy this moment with bf, because once we get married: 1) He won't be as good and patient and loving, 2) I'd get sick of seeing him every day. I honestly couldn't imagine those things happening to us, not because I am being naive or delusional or feeling overconfidence, but simply because the genuine feeling that grows in our relationship doesn't seem to move towards that direction. Like this thing that happened today: I didn't feel well so I slept at 7:30 pm. We stopped chatting early tonight, and then I woke up around midnight (and couldn't sleep until 3:30 am - this is the current time when I'm typing this). We're reunited in Line by midnight, and baamm just like that we turned into these cheesy teenagers.

Pardon my zombie face.

Shiet. Seriously pardon my zombie face T_T

After this last screenshot, I replied him saying I miss him so much too.
Haha I did that to him all the time (sending him silly pictures of me and my daughters :p) Anyway it really feels like nothing has changed since the first trimester of our relationship. Thus even thou what my family members said could be true, I still believe that marriage life wouldn't be as bad as it sounded. We have love, compassion, commitment, and trust, and I think we're gonna be just fine.

But yea, of course it might happen to us one day, and if it does, hopefully I will still have this blog running so I can report back to you guys on how we deal with it :) For now, I am simply grateful and I feel both of us are really lucky to have found each other.

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