21 December 2015

A man of action.

Couldn't help but to send this sms to Ahok after I read this awful, preventable tragedy.

I didn't expect any reply, but he responded on 15 Dec, haha.

A lot of metromini's drivers were on strike this morning in response to Ahok's decision to demolish unfitted and old metromini busses.

And I saw this news just now:

Ahok: Caci Maki Saya daripada Ada Warga yang Mati Lagi

I love him, and suber (super + uber -red) proud of him! I know this happened NOT because of my sms, but it feels suber great knowing you have been heard (he did reply me, so he heard - or read whatever - me right?) Or knowing what you wish to happen is starting to happen.

A man of action, that guy is. Once again I am suber proud for having him as Jakarta's governor.

Here is another example of his action: http://megapolitan.kompas.com/read/2014/07/22/10473941/.Terima.Kasih.Gubernurku.Pak.Ahok.

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