02 December 2015

Welcoming December.

I just can't believe that it's already December again....... and 2015 is ending soon! Whoa. Seriously whoa. Anyway I spent 2.5 hours creating this DIY Christmas tree yesterday.

I used a water gallon and since it wasn't tall enough, I made an extra cone.
Ps: UKH I HATE THAT DOOR'S COLOR. Anything that my mom picked is usually... ugly.
Like this one. Sorry mom :( but I really can't stand the color.

Ta-da! Have I told ya I spent 2.5 hours assembling this tree yesterday night?
I spent half an hour (I think) creating the star and then I painted it gold this evening.
(It is not too pretty cause the paint was running out but whatever.)

I found this great idea and super creative tutorial from here! I love how simple and gorgeous this Christmas tree is. I searched for quite a lot of ideas and this is the one that I love the most. <3 Will add some ornaments (or maybe not), ribbons, and lamps later on.


Ps: shietz, the DIY label tag on this blog has been dead for quite some time. My bad.

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