19 January 2016

3019 days.

Bf once asked me, a long long time ago, if I prefer to be proposed in front of our closest relatives or just the two of us alone. I told him that I prefer a private proposal because I know I am going to be awkward when he asks the question, and I don't want to be awkward in front of other people. I am glad he did the exact opposite of what I asked.

It was just a normal jogging routine between me and my friend, JeA, when suddenly the rest of my friends popped out of nowhere, jumping and singing in Korean (Will You Marry Me). I was dumbfounded for a moment, and then in no time they stood in line in front of me, with JeA joining them, and just like that I realized what's been happening.

Honestly I didn't remember many things well except him being shaky (very shaky) hahaha. He approached the already awkward me and said:

We've been together for 3019 days..
Blank blank blank
Blank blank
Blank blank blank
Will you marry me?

:') I swearrrrr I didn't remember the blank blank part because I was too nervous and I hadn't really digest everything as they happened really fast. But no worries I do know the blank blank part now 'cause turns out bf recorded our brief conversation (phew.. Anyway apparently I mumbled "Aduh I really hate this kind of thing" while he was saying the blank blank part. Hahaha! I told him that I'd be awkward... well....)

I am thankful that all of my friends get to be there to help us celebrate this beautiful moment. I was told that they started crying even before me and bf cried. Haha awwwwhh so sweet, real sweet, I didn't expect that at all I swear. Thank you guys, every each of you, for the time, effort, and love. You guys complete our special day in a very special way.

I still find it surreal even until this moment when I am typing this. I thought bf was gonna propose on this upcoming Valentine's day, and he knew that I was thinking that so he picked a random morning instead :')

After that we went back home to work. I was very tired that day (I only slept for 3.5 hours) but bf asked for a dinner at a restaurant nearby our houses, so how can I resist right? We went to dinner, talked a lil bit and then I came home to this :')

I was surprised and speechless.. We talked, joked, watched videos (thanks Line & ko Adi for the vids!), took lots of photos and videos, laughed and laughed and laughed. It was an amazing, amazing day. I couldn't ask for a better proposal day. All thanks to bf and our great and loving friends. I was reminded once again that I am so lucky to have them as closest people in my life.

It's been a great 3019-day, and I couldn't be more ready to continue the journey and enjoy each of the remaining days we have together. Thank you for today, F <3


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