10 January 2016


Captured when I was looking at something (or someone) else...

The most beautiful and gorgeous wedding I have ever seen.

Our childhood memories flashed through my mind as I saw her walking down the aisle. It feels like it's only yesterday when we start growing up together. I was deeply touched - we're grown up women now. Gone is the day when we biked around our childhood residence together; when I cried hard because I was forced to do her art homework because she couldn't draw; when we tried to fly a kite and failed; and when we played pretend-cooking with our favorite ingredients, real leaves, stones, and sand.

We were sitting down and right before the toast they gave us a video to watch, and bam, just like that I burst into tears. What the. My sisters were like, "WHAT WHY R U CRYIN." Hahaha. I was deeply, deeply touched. All the memories came back rushing and I was reminded that "this was that one sister I was growing up with.." Sometimes in life you think you have forgotten certain important things, but it takes only seconds for you to be reminded of them again. 'Cause we may think we can forget, but our heart remembers, it always does.

I am truly happy for her. She has always been the girly one, dreaming about Disney wedding and sort, talking about princessy stuffs even since we were kids. Her wedding today was so princessy and gorgeous I am sure everyone in the room loves it.

Happy wedding sis, have a happy new life and stay blessed always.

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