15 February 2016

Sweet Valentine's Day

It's actually just another normal day, but this time too, it's special in its own way just like the other Valentine's days. Me and mom went to saloon together to do hairspa :> (it's not easy persuading her to go out and do this, so I'm pretty proud of myself and I was super happy yesterday noon xD).

Then we went to meet some very-long-time-no-see family members.

Mom being all smiley when she's with the big & bombastis baby, Arthur.

HAHA honestly he looks better with hair hahaha.

We went to Paulaner to have dinner (super duper crazy portion, anyway the beer is so goooooood!) and I started handling him his presents right away (ga sabaarrr you know :p).

Fantastic babeh.

His first present was disposable rain coat (AHAHA I was messing with him), he laughed awkwardly but he told me he didn't expect me to buy present for him (he always asks me not to buy Valentine's present every year but I always do :3). The second present was a wallet and the third & last one was this book:

I cried a river writing it. He smiled, laughed, and cursed me a lot while reading it, and there're a couple of times he needed to pause because of his teary eyes :')

The second page.

There were TONS of typos in the book that cracked him up. This is one of it...
Hahahaha plus it's supposed to be "the way you DID" not DO. Hmph.



Just like other normal bf, he doesn't always fancy my type and choice of friends, but for me,
he tries his best to tolerate things. Just as long as I am happy :) Thank you F.

He LOLED really loud while reading the right page... Like really LOUD. Hahaha shit.
I noticed it immediately and said, "Shit it's supposed to be 'investment' isn't it."
Damn youuuuuuuuuu brainnnn!! Haha bf was like, " I know you said
you cried a lot writing this book, and your concentration was probably messed up,
but this typo is too much! Too much!" haha and then he laughed some more >,<

I wish I could capture and post all 155 messages here, but a lot of 'em are too personal :) Anyway this was the end of the book:


:) Thank you F for the dinner and flower, thank you for making Valentine's day beautiful as always.

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  1. sukses selalu dan semoga bahagia buat berdua..
    ooo iya kak kalau ingin tahu web gratis yukk disini aja.


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