14 April 2016


I've been wanting this kind of powder highlighter for quite some time. Yeaaaaaaayyyy!
Thanks to Maureen!

hdagd kjahduiaw! anbdahdd aueyawue!! Present from bf: Xiaomi Yi action camera!
For those who know me, I really like taking videos especially when I travel.
So this cute little thing will be super useful in the future : >
Pst: it takes photos as well! <3 Thanks so much F!!!

I received one more gift from two other girlfriends (and their bfs) which was IKEA's side table. I haven't assemble it yet, but I know I'll love it. Thanks Am & Win!

I really like this year's birthday presents hahaha I don't know why. Maybe because all the items are something that I truly want / love to have.

Anyway at about midnight of April 13th, my grandma had to go to the hospital, so the surprise that my friends had planned didn't go as well as its original plan. As soon as I entered my room (and saw them standing there congratulating me) I said, "Guys thanks so much, but sorry I had to go to the hospital 'cos my grandma is blablabla..." They were all like, "Hah?? What happened?" Hahaha I joked to my family members afterwards, "They came to my room to surprise me, but instead they're the one who ended up getting a surprise." xD

Thank you guys for doing that every year!

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