17 April 2016

Xiao Cil Yi.

Hellooooo! Loving this new tiny fella so much :*
I'm reviewing this action camera right now but haven't had a proper chance to record
videos with it (I will super soon! Seriously dying to see its result.) Meanwhile these are
three photos taken with my Xiaomi Yi, which I have named: Xiao Cil Yi.
Narcissistic, I know.

It produces very great and sharp photo quality when there's sufficient natural light :"D

So sorry all the photos have been filtered & retouched, but trust me the raw files are really
sharp, bright, and decent.

This photo was taken indoor with enough (yellowish) light. Still pretty great.
It didn't do so well in darker surrounding thou (I think my smartphone did
a better job if they're to be compared.)

Another minus point: this camera doesn't have image stabilizer feature so those without steady hands might get a lot of blurry photos. But then again, I think the main purpose of action camera is to capture (action) videos? Haha cmiiw but I think so, so it doesn't really matter.

Anyway I will upload and embed a video taken by Xiao Cil Yi soon on this post. Come back later if you are curious :>

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