27 June 2016


Oh my God... I was left speechless for HOURS after watching the season finale of Game of Thrones. I think it was the best episode ever made in the history of tv series. What a brilliant production. I am forever a hardcore fan.

Here are some of my favorite (and jaw-dropping) moments (not the exact moment of course 'cos I don't want to spoil anything important) from the episode:

Look at those screenshots and you'll get a glimpse of how amazing the color tone, cgi, and cinematography of this series. Not to mention their super detailed and amazingly crafted attires and props. One more thing I love about this show is how much effort the production crews put into making each scene as real as possible.

This episode is.... seriously the best season finale this series ever had. It shocked me from the very first sequence, it left me almost in tears 'cos some scenes were so cool and perfectly put together, it made me shout in disbelieve, and it made my heart beat a lot faster until the very last scene. Hats off. I am truly speechless when it comes to discussing GoT; it's phenomenal and hell it deserves to be.

25 June 2016

Cekiang strikes again.

Sekilas percakapan sama Cekiang tadi pagi:

C: Kiang lu mau gue print-in ini ga? *Nunjukin foto bonyok yang background biru*
K: *Mikir 1 detik..* Ngga.
C: ..... Jahat lu Kiang.

LOL after that both of us laughed and she said, "Mau taro dimana." Hahaha meanwhile gue udah print 4 copies of that photo, 1 buat ditempel di agenda, 1 ditaro di dompet, 1 di album polaroid, and 1 I gave it to my mom hahahaha. Contrast banget yah anak kedua dan ketiga di keluarga ini xD

Liatlah si nci pas masih muda, sebelas dua belas kan ama Desy Ratnasari? Hahahaha.


Me, mom, Cekiang and Sam went to a morning mass earlier today.

It's been exactly fifteen years.

No word can ever describe what I feel about you, and I truly wish you were here today. I wished you were here yesterday. And I will always wish the same tomorrow.

21 June 2016

Definition of lucky by Sam.

Percakapan sama Sam barusan:

S: *Nunjuk kado di rak bawah meja* Soy ie ini present?
C: Iya buat Arthur.
S: Buat Aidan?
C: Soy ie ga beli buat Aidan. tapi Sammy ama mami udah beli buat Aidan kan? (Ultah Aidan Arthur cuma beda 4 hari btw.)
S: Iya beli buat Arthur juga.
C: Masa si? Bukannya kata mami kalian cuma beli buat Aidan?
S: Ngga, beli buat Arthur juga.
C: Oya? Ya udah gapapa deh haha.
S: Iya gapapa Arthur dapet 2 hadiah jadinya. Lucky baby.

LOLOL lucky baby wtf.

Ada yang baru dibuatin account LINE.

Hahaha gue cuekin.

Kalo messagenya ga dibales doi masuk kamar gue sambil nunjukin hp dia dan bilang, "Hey Soy ie baca ga si? Ini loh, baca ga?" LOLLL. I told her to message me often when we're no longer living in the same house, which is soon.

Anyway found this on her phone:

LOL. Ganggu abis hahaha.

19 June 2016

18 June 2016

Short & precise.

Found this screenshot from a few months ago when I was putting my yoga mat up for sale.

HAHAHAHA X"D I always find the way she replies messages funny hahahaha.

Ps: Please pardon her 'fulsa'...
Pss: She didn't reply my message for quite some time so I sent her another one.
Psss: A Eng = her Chinese name.


17 June 2016

A must and a fuss.

A couple years back when I was in uni, some of my girlfriends and relatives started to be excited over wedding. Like a lot of other girls-turning-into-women, they talked about it, they browsed wedding inspirations and such, they posted wedding-related stuffs on social media, they admired other people's wedding videos and photos and then again talked about it. It's normal, it's perfectly normal in my eyes, but it never happened to me. I thought, well maybe this isn't the time yet, maybe one day when my time has come, I'll be super excited like them.

Nowadays - I don't know exactly when it started, 5 years ago? 10 years ago? - wedding is much more complicated and anticipated by people. People spend huge amount of money for that one particular day. Without us realizing, wedding venues, dresses, accessories, and even services that are wedding-related suddenly become so so expensive. Pre-wedding photos become a must, and wedding preparation become a fuss.

And now that I'm engaged and preparing my own wedding, I am puzzled by own feeling, because that 'excitement over wedding' is no where to be found. I mean I'm excited, I'm looking forward to it, but I love money too much to be able to spend that much just for a dinner reception. I'm not going to beat around the bush here, every time I think about spending money for my wedding, I feel a strong immediate turn-off. Hahahaha what the hell right. But seriously Jakarta is so not money-friendly, ugh I hate it.

I've been saying that I don't wanna bother buying an expensive wedding dress; hundreds of thousands Rupiah plain white dress will do, as long as the design suits my taste. I think it's fine, and a lot of people in the US have been doing this for as long as I can remember, and they're fine, they're happy, and they're still pretty. But few people told me that I should invest more on the dress, because people will look, criticize, and talk about it. And I think that concludes how messed up our society is.

Our pride-driven society has created crazy theories, rules, unrealistic trends about wedding. People get invited to a wedding, but it's not the bride and groom that they're gonna look at. It's not their love story that they're gonna admire and talk about. Instead it will be the quality and quantity of the food, the size of the venue, the appearance of the bride's dress, the estimate budget of the decoration, the amount of flowers spotted, and so on.

I gotta admit I don't understand the hype of renting expensive wedding gown, following the trend of hiring expensive and high class wedding-related services, and etc. Or maybe that's just because me and bf don't have a lot of money to spend. But yea you know what I mean; a lot of people don't have that much money either but they work their ass off to achieve their sort of wedding dreams. And I find it so hard to stay different, because everybody else is deemed to be doing things the 'normal' way. I have had a couple of discussions with my closest relatives about my preference and often feel like being judged as the weird one with the weird taste.

I used to tell bf that I don't want any party for our wedding day because it doesn't really seem important to me, but after a lot of discussions and friendly disagreements (he thinks we need one, but no worries we didn't fight over this :p) we decided to have it anyway. Few months ago thou, someone asked me about my wedding planning and I casually told her, "It's fine with me not having a dinner reception party. What's important is that we're doing the wedding in church; witnessed by families and closest friends. As long as it's legal in front of God, that's good enough for me." But then she shushed me ._. and I was left wondering why. Maybe she thought I was saying nonsense? I don't know. The idea of not having wedding party seems to be terrifying for a lot of people and I am truly wondering why?

Since we're already talking about my weird preference of wedding, here are some other stuffs:

I have told bf since a long time ago that I didn't want to do a pre-wedding photoshoot 'cos I don't want to pay a good amount of money just to be photographed in awkward position, doing awkward pose while showing an awkward smile. Haha I am glad bf thinks the same. He doesn't think pre-wed photoshoot is important, and so we have decided not to do it.

I hate high heels. And I really don't want to wear it on my wedding day. It's gonna be a tiring day, why would I want to have tired and painful feet as well?? It doesn't make sense right. But my mom told me a big NO when I told her my idea hahahaha. Sigh I do think high heels are necessary for my short figure but I still hate the idea.

The only thing that has been done so far is my wedding invitation (and wedding favors) design hahaha 'cos I love making them and they didn't give me headache. I always think I am a pretty creative person, and I can save up a lot of money by doing a lot of stuffs on my own, but the truth is, nothing about wedding excites me as much as making my own wedding invitation. Maybe I am just a paper geek, that's why wedding invitation doesn't scare me off.

Aaaaanyway this isn't me complaining or criticizing other people and their tastes or whatever, it's just a random thought about wedding that I've had for a while. I've been wanting to talk about this here, but got very lazy every time. Gnight!

14 June 2016

Beware: LIONESSE Wisma Atria Singapore.

Yellow! I am baaaack from Singapore! One very interesting thing happened on the last day and I feel like sharing it here. I was in Wisma Atrium Singapore, browsing around and buying some stuffs when I passed by Lionesse beauty boutique store. At that moment my bf and his family were in Cotton On trying and planning to buy some clothes; I have bought mine, and because that was the last day we're in Singapore, I wanted to browse as many stores as possible, so I left them behind and started wandering alone. I didn't have Singaporean number and there's no wifi there, and I left without telling them anything ('cos originally I was just going to browse the stores nearby quickly and come back to them).

So long story short there's this sales girl standing in front of Lionesse store, giving away free stuffs in a small plastic bag. She offered it to me and I refused while keep walking forward in a fast pace. She sorta blocked me with her hand and told me to take this "free moisturizer", and so I did. Suddenly she grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to her store entrance and she applied a whatever cream on my right hand. Blablabla, without giving me a chance to respond, she grabbed me by hand again and pulled me inside the store. She asked me to sit down and blablabla told me she's gonna apply a very very good cream on my right cheek for free. I had a thin layer of bb cream and blush on applied on my face but I didn't get enough chance to say no. She talked and moved like a lightning bolt.

At that point I knew that this was a scam and unhealthy marketing strategy. I knew she was going to PUSH me into buying and make me UNCOMFORTABLE to say no, and yep yep yep, I was indeed right. While she's applying that damn cream on my face I told her, "This isn't going to take long is it? 'Cause my boyfriend didn't know I'm here and I don't have a number to contact him." She replied, "Oh he'll know you're here. Don't worry." And I told her again that, "He didn't know, and he won't know." So yea, it's official, she's an asshole.

We had a brief conversation of "Oh you're from Indonesia?", "Apa kabar?", "How old are you?", "You see this part of your face has had lines, you should start taking care of your face more", and a lot more other craps. Before she finished all those craps, I grabbed my belongings and asked her how much the moisturizer is. She told me it costs SGD 250 and I said, "Cool, I'll take a look around here first and I'll come back if I like it." I stood up and gave a very obvious sign of leaving and being a bitch she was, of course she grabbed my hand again instead of letting me go, and she said, "No no no, come I show you something because you're my Indonesian friend." And then she showed me some other craps written on the product's box about how it's made in Japan, contains natural blablabla.

If you know me personally, I am a very straightforward person and I am super assertive especially in things like these. These kind of pushy tricks don't and will never work on me, no matter what the product or price is, 'cause I have never had a problem saying no to people. I gave her an 'ok' sign using my hand and started walking away while saying, "Noted, thanks."

She grabbed me by hand one more time and walked me to the back side of the cashier machine and asked me if I'm using any kind of facial wash and I said firmly, "No." Lolll, I just want to end that shitty moment and get back to my bf soon ('cause I was afraid they're already looking for me.) She repeated me in disbelieve, "No?" And I said, "Yes, no." She then showed me a facial wash product that costs SGD 400 and before she said anything else, I cut her and said, "And you're going to give it to me for free if I purchase the moisturizer?" And yes she said.

Still smiling and being friendly, I gave a firm answer, "Noted, understood, thank you. Will be back if I like it." She was still speaking when I left. She was still saying things like, "Don't tell anyone 'cause this offer is only for you.... Blabla... It's only for today... Blabla.." Right before I turned around to leave, I looked at her stiff face and I knew she was dumfounded by the way I handled her behavior.

Oh boy. You see if that day I wasn't in a good mood, I would've been very rude to those kind of people. They didn't deserve my smile but being a better person than them, I decided to act like a proper human being with brain.

Luckily when I came back, bf and his family were still busy in Cotton On haha, but bf did realize I went missing. Anyway a lil bit about the sales girl: tall, dark black hair, dark skin (or brown skin? I think she's Malay / Melayu), and last but not least, she wore a very thick make up. No wonder she has a thick skin huh. Hahaha. Anyway this afternoon I Googled Lionesse and found this page with these reviews:


"As the story goes, I was grabbed by a gal offering a free sample and I took it and.she literally took my arm and lead me around to behind the mirrors all the time I was telling her that I was not interested in the treatment right now because my husband was sick, she wouldn't listen left me there with some guy while she fetched my sick husband. Yes the treatment lifted my eye just like other insta-lift serums. I began to beg to be released ,so the one guy stomps off and sends in the closer. I am trying to be nice and respectful of their time but repeatedly said look I want to leave so please do my other eye so I don't look like a cyclops but he kept saying look respect me and let me finish, I said please respect us as my husband is sick, finally after arguing and pleading he slapped a bit of cream on my other eye and said GO ON GET OUT OF HERE, YOUR DONE. I'm so repulsed, not worth the high pressure salesman Never would I consider spending my $700.00 on the buy one get one! Just for me today. STAY AWAY THE PREY ON MIDDLE AGE WOMEN WITH MONEY. 0 stars if I could."

"I wish I could give this place a NEGATIVE 5, as I was grabbed in Las Vegas. High pressure sales and outrageous prices which my receipt had no pricing but the bottom number which was hard to read. The product is CRAP and I found out I am allergic it appears when I got home to use it. The sales team also told me the product had sunscreen which it does not. The sales team also never told me it was NON-REFUNDABLE. I will be fighting this SCAM company with American Express until I can return the product and get a full refund. This company is also not an accredited company at the BBB. DO NOT GO TO THIS COMPANY especially for the HOLIDAYS!"

"Watch out, they have gotten so many bad reviews that they have changed the name of the store. I swear I felt like I was dealing with a gypsy fortune teller. I supposedly met with the owner of the company. She would not let me go when I told her I needed to leave. Very high pressure sales tactics! I did not realize that their receipt said "NO REFUNDS"

"Same story that others have relayed - I was pulled in for 'just a quick eye cream sample' to be applied by the 'skin specialist'. I was told how much better my eyes would look and the prices quoted totaled about $400 for the two products. When I wasn't looking convinced, the woman asked whether I was a guest at the hotel; and since I am, I am suddenly eligible for a 30% discount which brought the total down to something like $270. Luckily I had to meet someone so excused myself quickly at that point. Yes, my eye looked a little less puffy at that moment but no different now that a couple of hours have passed. I just looked up this company's products online and see the same 'facelift filler' product advertised for $700 with only two typos in their descriptive paragraph! For products in this price range, I expect flawless advertising. What a scam."

"My experience with Lionesse beauty bar in the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas was a bit weird, actually. The staff was very friendly but incredibly PUSHY! They would not take "NO" for an answer. I tried the under eye cream and it did work rather quickly, but then she, (the specialist) started putting all this other cream in one side of my face. Then told me I had to buy all these other products for an astronomical amount of money. I was very uncomfortable. She also said the products were 100% money back guarantee, but after I bought a few products she asked her manager and he said that wasn't the case. Yes, I got screwed. The next day I went in it cancel my order and they said, "sorry, we've already mailed it and it's skin care so you can't return it. I'm surprise that The Venetian in Las Vegas lets this company have their name attached. I've learned my lesson."

A lot of people have been scammed by this company (in this case - in the US) and I feel bad for them 'cause I know how incredibly pushy and manipulative the sales person can be.

Girls - or even boys -, should any of you encounter this thing anywhere, don't buy! Whatever happens, do not buy anything. No matter how you're being treated, how many minutes they're holding you there, how many different kind of creams you're trying, as long as you don't buy anything, you still win.

I hate that I wasted my precious 7 mins in that store but it's still a pretty good experience and it's definitely a good story to tell! :p I told bf if we go there again one day, I'll walk in the store, try as many samples as I can, be the annoying talkative customer, and then leave without buying anything. Hahaha.

09 June 2016

F for fool.

Chat with bf from my mom's phone.

LOL. Purposely did a few typos to impersonate my mom LOLOL. And my mom has this habit of typing "Ja" instead of "Ya". LOLOL. I did an amazing job there, didn't I.

By the way I'm leaving to Sinjiapo tomorrow morning! YEAAAY! This trip is.... different from every previous trip I've had before. I am not sure how it's gonna be but crossing fingers it'll be fun.

Brb soooon! <3

07 June 2016

Midnight thoughts.

Sometimes people dislike you
not because you're hateful
but because they hate themselves
'cos they don't have what you own
and they can't own what you have

06 June 2016

Screw them.

Some people are just so hateful towards you for no reason. Great thing I am very good in hating back.

Don't know why it happened.

Lagi nyanyi lagu Korea di karaoke...

Lirik di layar: Dorawa~ Dorawa~
Gw: *Ikutin lirik* Dorawaaaa~ Dorawaaaa~

Lanjut nyanyi beberapa kali Dorawa sampai lagu selesai. After the song ended bf said:

F: ... Itu lagunya bukannya "Don't know why" ya? Kok Dorawa kamu nyanyinya..
Gw: ....... ssdsaye qweio89e!! adhjsa qeeqeqbq!! 98qjae klajduady82ei ,kdjd8ya oscshjd!!!! OIYE DON'T KNOW WHY!! WTFFFF JADI DORAWA PUN GW KAGA SADAR WTFFFF!!!

Abis itu seruangan ngakak sampe bumi berguncang. Haha pantesan gue udah ngerasa aneh kenapa ada Dorawa segala.... Shame on you Cicil's brain, shame.

04 June 2016

Nenek gaptek akhirnya insaf juga.

Today is such a goooooooooood day! Woke up at 7 am WHICH IS SUPER MEJIK a.k.a such thing udah hampir punah dari hidup gue hahaha, accompanied bf went to gym, had dinner with sis & bro in law, and then went to a 3-hour sisterhood karaoke's sesh.


My mom's officially using a touchscreen smartphone now! YEEEEEEEAAAAAAYYYYY PRAISE THE LORD!! Haha excited banget! Besok gue mau mulai ngajarin dia cara pakenya, and I really can't wait untuk 'neror' dia seharian.

Sekilas info Cekiang (nci kedua gue) cerita alesan dibalik setujunya nyokap untuk punya hp lagi (currently doi udah punya Nokia bekas gue dulu yang N70):

Jadi hp Nokia nyokap kan hp utama dia di toko, for some reasons suka dia tinggal dan ga dibawa pulang. Jadi doi sering ride Uber atau taxi tanpa berHp sama sekali. Nah beberapa hari lalu pagi-pagi as usual doi jalan dari rumah jam 7. Biasa jam 7:30 udah nyampe toko, but that day tol macet banget karena ada kecelakaan, jadi dia sampe toko jam 8:30 am.

Diperjalanan dia udah panik bilang ke supirnya, "Aduh gimana nih anak saya pasti nyariin saya." Padahal kenyataannya si Cekiang yang mesenin Uber nyokap udah lagi sibuk kerja di kantor dan dia ga ngecek hp sama sekali (jadi ga sadar kalau ride Uber nyokap masih jalan dan belum sampe-sampe ditujuan, HAHAHA.) Terus supir Ubernya bilang, "Ya udah Bu telp aja anaknya pake hp saya nih." And then my mom said, "Saya juga ga afal nomornya...."

HAHAHAHA!! Gue sama Cekiang ngakak heboh banget pas cerita soal hal ini. HAHAHAHA aduh emak gue sumpah katronya kaga ada obat.... Hahahahahaha. Akhirnya abis kejadian itu dia takut sendiri kalo suatu saat ada apa-apa di jalan tapi ga bisa kontek siapa-siapa, maka setujulah doi untuk pake hp tambahan.

Hahahaa shooo excited <3 Si Cenin (nci gue yang pertama) awalnya put my name on my mom's phone as Cicilia Bawel, terus nci kedua gue Kiang-Kiang, dan dia sendiri Monina Cantikkk (with three k's!), grrrrrr barusan langsongggg gue ganti jadi Cicilia Sayang, Monina Ndud, and Kiang2 Wanita Perkasa. Hahahahahaha! Gila gua girang buangettt nyokap mau pake smartphone sumpah! Now whenever I travel I can send her pictures, ask her to Facetime, and ask her to send me her pics as well <3

Karena akoh anak baik dan dadanya lapang, akoh pasangin nyokap wallpaper ini 'cos I know she'll love it very very much.

01 June 2016

Always one of my favs.

LOVE this game so much. Sometimes I play a couple rounds of sudoku before going to sleep; and I could spend HOURS nonstop playing this over and over again. Haha such a weirdo I know. Too bad I have no friends to play this with :'<

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