14 June 2016

Beware: LIONESSE Wisma Atria Singapore.

Yellow! I am baaaack from Singapore! One very interesting thing happened on the last day and I feel like sharing it here. I was in Wisma Atrium Singapore, browsing around and buying some stuffs when I passed by Lionesse beauty boutique store. At that moment my bf and his family were in Cotton On trying and planning to buy some clothes; I have bought mine, and because that was the last day we're in Singapore, I wanted to browse as many stores as possible, so I left them behind and started wandering alone. I didn't have Singaporean number and there's no wifi there, and I left without telling them anything ('cos originally I was just going to browse the stores nearby quickly and come back to them).

So long story short there's this sales girl standing in front of Lionesse store, giving away free stuffs in a small plastic bag. She offered it to me and I refused while keep walking forward in a fast pace. She sorta blocked me with her hand and told me to take this "free moisturizer", and so I did. Suddenly she grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to her store entrance and she applied a whatever cream on my right hand. Blablabla, without giving me a chance to respond, she grabbed me by hand again and pulled me inside the store. She asked me to sit down and blablabla told me she's gonna apply a very very good cream on my right cheek for free. I had a thin layer of bb cream and blush on applied on my face but I didn't get enough chance to say no. She talked and moved like a lightning bolt.

At that point I knew that this was a scam and unhealthy marketing strategy. I knew she was going to PUSH me into buying and make me UNCOMFORTABLE to say no, and yep yep yep, I was indeed right. While she's applying that damn cream on my face I told her, "This isn't going to take long is it? 'Cause my boyfriend didn't know I'm here and I don't have a number to contact him." She replied, "Oh he'll know you're here. Don't worry." And I told her again that, "He didn't know, and he won't know." So yea, it's official, she's an asshole.

We had a brief conversation of "Oh you're from Indonesia?", "Apa kabar?", "How old are you?", "You see this part of your face has had lines, you should start taking care of your face more", and a lot more other craps. Before she finished all those craps, I grabbed my belongings and asked her how much the moisturizer is. She told me it costs SGD 250 and I said, "Cool, I'll take a look around here first and I'll come back if I like it." I stood up and gave a very obvious sign of leaving and being a bitch she was, of course she grabbed my hand again instead of letting me go, and she said, "No no no, come I show you something because you're my Indonesian friend." And then she showed me some other craps written on the product's box about how it's made in Japan, contains natural blablabla.

If you know me personally, I am a very straightforward person and I am super assertive especially in things like these. These kind of pushy tricks don't and will never work on me, no matter what the product or price is, 'cause I have never had a problem saying no to people. I gave her an 'ok' sign using my hand and started walking away while saying, "Noted, thanks."

She grabbed me by hand one more time and walked me to the back side of the cashier machine and asked me if I'm using any kind of facial wash and I said firmly, "No." Lolll, I just want to end that shitty moment and get back to my bf soon ('cause I was afraid they're already looking for me.) She repeated me in disbelieve, "No?" And I said, "Yes, no." She then showed me a facial wash product that costs SGD 400 and before she said anything else, I cut her and said, "And you're going to give it to me for free if I purchase the moisturizer?" And yes she said.

Still smiling and being friendly, I gave a firm answer, "Noted, understood, thank you. Will be back if I like it." She was still speaking when I left. She was still saying things like, "Don't tell anyone 'cause this offer is only for you.... Blabla... It's only for today... Blabla.." Right before I turned around to leave, I looked at her stiff face and I knew she was dumfounded by the way I handled her behavior.

Oh boy. You see if that day I wasn't in a good mood, I would've been very rude to those kind of people. They didn't deserve my smile but being a better person than them, I decided to act like a proper human being with brain.

Luckily when I came back, bf and his family were still busy in Cotton On haha, but bf did realize I went missing. Anyway a lil bit about the sales girl: tall, dark black hair, dark skin (or brown skin? I think she's Malay / Melayu), and last but not least, she wore a very thick make up. No wonder she has a thick skin huh. Hahaha. Anyway this afternoon I Googled Lionesse and found this page with these reviews:


"As the story goes, I was grabbed by a gal offering a free sample and I took it and.she literally took my arm and lead me around to behind the mirrors all the time I was telling her that I was not interested in the treatment right now because my husband was sick, she wouldn't listen left me there with some guy while she fetched my sick husband. Yes the treatment lifted my eye just like other insta-lift serums. I began to beg to be released ,so the one guy stomps off and sends in the closer. I am trying to be nice and respectful of their time but repeatedly said look I want to leave so please do my other eye so I don't look like a cyclops but he kept saying look respect me and let me finish, I said please respect us as my husband is sick, finally after arguing and pleading he slapped a bit of cream on my other eye and said GO ON GET OUT OF HERE, YOUR DONE. I'm so repulsed, not worth the high pressure salesman Never would I consider spending my $700.00 on the buy one get one! Just for me today. STAY AWAY THE PREY ON MIDDLE AGE WOMEN WITH MONEY. 0 stars if I could."

"I wish I could give this place a NEGATIVE 5, as I was grabbed in Las Vegas. High pressure sales and outrageous prices which my receipt had no pricing but the bottom number which was hard to read. The product is CRAP and I found out I am allergic it appears when I got home to use it. The sales team also told me the product had sunscreen which it does not. The sales team also never told me it was NON-REFUNDABLE. I will be fighting this SCAM company with American Express until I can return the product and get a full refund. This company is also not an accredited company at the BBB. DO NOT GO TO THIS COMPANY especially for the HOLIDAYS!"

"Watch out, they have gotten so many bad reviews that they have changed the name of the store. I swear I felt like I was dealing with a gypsy fortune teller. I supposedly met with the owner of the company. She would not let me go when I told her I needed to leave. Very high pressure sales tactics! I did not realize that their receipt said "NO REFUNDS"

"Same story that others have relayed - I was pulled in for 'just a quick eye cream sample' to be applied by the 'skin specialist'. I was told how much better my eyes would look and the prices quoted totaled about $400 for the two products. When I wasn't looking convinced, the woman asked whether I was a guest at the hotel; and since I am, I am suddenly eligible for a 30% discount which brought the total down to something like $270. Luckily I had to meet someone so excused myself quickly at that point. Yes, my eye looked a little less puffy at that moment but no different now that a couple of hours have passed. I just looked up this company's products online and see the same 'facelift filler' product advertised for $700 with only two typos in their descriptive paragraph! For products in this price range, I expect flawless advertising. What a scam."

"My experience with Lionesse beauty bar in the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas was a bit weird, actually. The staff was very friendly but incredibly PUSHY! They would not take "NO" for an answer. I tried the under eye cream and it did work rather quickly, but then she, (the specialist) started putting all this other cream in one side of my face. Then told me I had to buy all these other products for an astronomical amount of money. I was very uncomfortable. She also said the products were 100% money back guarantee, but after I bought a few products she asked her manager and he said that wasn't the case. Yes, I got screwed. The next day I went in it cancel my order and they said, "sorry, we've already mailed it and it's skin care so you can't return it. I'm surprise that The Venetian in Las Vegas lets this company have their name attached. I've learned my lesson."

A lot of people have been scammed by this company (in this case - in the US) and I feel bad for them 'cause I know how incredibly pushy and manipulative the sales person can be.

Girls - or even boys -, should any of you encounter this thing anywhere, don't buy! Whatever happens, do not buy anything. No matter how you're being treated, how many minutes they're holding you there, how many different kind of creams you're trying, as long as you don't buy anything, you still win.

I hate that I wasted my precious 7 mins in that store but it's still a pretty good experience and it's definitely a good story to tell! :p I told bf if we go there again one day, I'll walk in the store, try as many samples as I can, be the annoying talkative customer, and then leave without buying anything. Hahaha.


  1. I had this experience today !! The singaporean chinese is so rude saying man will run away if the skin is not treated. So uneducated, low std of professionalism and pushy. its a cheap marketing strategy. Thank you for your written review on your blog.

  2. all i can say about them is worst customer service in the earth!

  3. I got the same experience in singapore. Luckily i have the courage to say no and left after they tried so many tricks. They were very rude to push me to buy and this was the reason i said no. If they were more professional in handling the customer i might buy it. Thank God i did not. And after i googled i found so many bad reviews abt their bad marketing tricks.

  4. i got totally different experience, love the staff and the products are amazing

  5. They still do this until now. Last night i had the same experience. They told me that the product was from usa and approved by pda things. And yes i did not buy any products.


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