27 June 2016


Oh my God... I was left speechless for HOURS after watching the season finale of Game of Thrones. I think it was the best episode ever made in the history of tv series. What a brilliant production. I am forever a hardcore fan.

Here are some of my favorite (and jaw-dropping) moments (not the exact moment of course 'cos I don't want to spoil anything important) from the episode:

Look at those screenshots and you'll get a glimpse of how amazing the color tone, cgi, and cinematography of this series. Not to mention their super detailed and amazingly crafted attires and props. One more thing I love about this show is how much effort the production crews put into making each scene as real as possible.

This episode is.... seriously the best season finale this series ever had. It shocked me from the very first sequence, it left me almost in tears 'cos some scenes were so cool and perfectly put together, it made me shout in disbelieve, and it made my heart beat a lot faster until the very last scene. Hats off. I am truly speechless when it comes to discussing GoT; it's phenomenal and hell it deserves to be.

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