10 July 2016

About today.

Yesterday bf left for Bangkok for 5 days. And even thou I know this sounds cliche, but it's been quite sometime since the last time we're separated like this, so I kinda feel like something's missing. It's not like I really really super duper miss him and want to see him, or keep checking my phone waiting for his messages, but more like feeling incomplete because someone who used to be here is now gone. Something like that, ya know. But of course I still do miss him. I miss his presence and all of our interactions even the trivial one.

Anyway spent today traveling to South Jakarta with friends, catching Pokemon (haha!), sharing stories, experiences, laughters from noon till 1 am. And then I went home and found a frickin half-dead cockroach lying on my bedroom floor; woke my mom up because of this, and ended up talking with her till 2:30 am <3

I am so so grateful for all of the conversations that happened today. I just LOVE every single quality-time we spend together. Thank you for today guys.

Ps: don't mind the random pictures, I just want to show off this cute socks. Ughhh I always have a thing for cute socks, seriously too cute! <3

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