29 August 2016

Kebahagiaan malam ini.

Been wanting to watch this movie dari akhir July (bulan dia direlease di Korea)! Uuuuuuuu ga sabar abis nunggu-nunggu sampe akhir Aug buat dapetin tanggal tayang di Indo, terus accidentally found a way to get this amazing discount! YEEAAAAAYYYY!

Sho sho happy!

Girls, don't

don't trade in your happiness with wealth
'cos it's true when they say money can't buy you happiness
don't be deluded into thinking that people are going to envy you
'cos even if they do
it won't make you happy
it won't
and it doesn't even matter 'cos
the only important thing in your life is you

don't ever forget how valuable your feeling is
we think we get to set our own lives a price
but the truth is
every each of us is priceless
and things change the moment we give in to fortune

don't choose money over your life
some paths don't have ways to come back
and losing ourselves is easier than we could ever imagine
you are worth much more than a couple of branded handbags
and deserve much more than a dazzling jewelry could offer

don't trade in your happiness with wealth
it's not worth it
it will never be

28 August 2016

A woman's question.

Engaged and getting married soon. Such strong words. Some part of my ego still doesn't allow me to admit that I am going to let someone gain control over my life. I am going to have to accept a new leader who will lead and guide me through life. I will have to place my utmost trust on that one person, and one person only. I will have to share my heart and body forever with him. It feels like an unfamiliar decision, and I wonder what does it feel like to merge into one with someone else. What would happen to us? How would I feel? What would happen when things go awry?

What kind of love would we have?
What kind of partners would we be to each other?

Questions linger, but
some time nine years ago
I trusted you once,
and soon in a near future,
I'll choose to trust you forever.

24 August 2016

Busy & exciting August.

Duh gila so sowwie I haven't been updating this blog for a while. Suwer bulan Aug ini gue sibuuuuuuuk banget, sibuk in a very very very exciting way : >

Me and bf are busy sorting out things for our wedding & future house, karena udah lumayan mepet kita pun langsung rush banyak hal and thank God satu persatu masalah mulai keliatan jalan keluarnya.

I am super excited designing my own house and shit no kidding gue nyesel banget kenapa dulu ga ambil jurusan design atau interior design. Man.. Padahal I've always loved The Sims dari dulu. Stupid me :( nyokap bujukin gue mulu untuk kuliah lagi haha and I always say no karena gue ga gitu suka sekolah lagi, but yea.. maybe, I don't know. I just love doing this meski gue super ga berpengetahuan dan ga berpengalaman, but I just love it. I love using my imagination even thou I gotta admit hal ini super ribet dan kadang kepala gue mau pecah.

Anyway kalo rumah gue nanti ga turns out oke, well... At least I tried HAHA. Tapi kalau jadinya oke, I SWEAR I'M GONNA BE UBER PROUD OF MA SELF. Dan gue akan pamer ampe sosmed gue meledak.

HAHA neyjes ya gue.

21 August 2016

Nyokap's kind of joke.

Percakapan barusan:

C: *Buka kulkas sembari nyeletuk random* Eh ini Kiranti punya gue kan ya?
Nyokap: *Nyamber* Iya lah. Masa gua yang minum Kiranti?

HAHAHA asem bener. Pembantu gue sampe ketawa dengernya.

Ps: Kiranti adalah - buat yang ga tau - minuman datang bulan.

12 August 2016

A disgrace to Indonesia.

Okay where do I begin.

Telkom & Indihome bener-bener ga habis-habisnya membuat gue feel disgusted by them. Guys, kalo ada yang tertarik pindah kesana, DON'T. Jangan karena kalian akan nyesel. Mereka itu a giant company full of shit and scam, and they deserve to go to jail for everything they've done. I am not kidding.

Long story short selama beberapa bulan terakhir di website gue (dan dashboard admin) muncul iklan macem gini, yang adalah sangat sangat mengganggu.

Udah gatau darimana datengnya, yang pasang juga bukan gue, yang dapet profit guess who: of course bukan gue! F-ing shit kan. Iklan ini juga muncul di mobile version website gue dan bikin everything jadi lebih less-cantik dan less-cepet. Enek deh pokoknya.

Gue udah pusing sana sini cari tau apa penyebabnya, dan gimana caranya untuk ngeremove iklan tersebut, gue udah sampe kontek developer themes website gue, hosting company gue, install anti virus, bersihin browser, tapi selalu hasilnya nihil.

Nah barusan gue dapet ilham untuk iseng-iseng inspect elements di website page gue (not so bad huh gue tau begituan segala hihihi hasil dari belajar jadi web developer sendiri nih for the past 3 years :D) and this showed up:

I was like GOTCHA BITCH. Langsung gue googling lah si cfs uzone ngent*PEEP* itu. And guess what I found this:

2 kata yang terlintas di benak gue.... FAKYUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! Jadi bukan virus or anything else but YOU AND YOU AGAIN TELKOM???? Why the hell kalian ga go bankrupt aja sih?? Krisis lagi pun gue sudi as long as company like you GO TO HELL. Please for the love of God please just go to frickin hell.

Jijay gue sama mereka. Atas ijin siapa coba mereka ngelakuin hal kayak gitu di website orang, gila, isinya bandit dan kriminal semua tuh company. Sumpah.

Anyway this is how I fix this problem:
Cara Menghapus Sisipan Iklan Speedy-Indihome Telkom cfs2 uadexchange

And quoting the writer:

"Server iklan telkom melalui http://cfs2.uadexchange.com. Telkom menyisipkan ads/spam otomatis, tanpa acknowledge dari pengguna-nya. Disebutkan dengan jelas, kelakuan Telkom itu melanggar hak konsumen (Pasal 4a) dan kewajiban pelaku usaha (Pasal 7d), sesuai UU Perlindungan Konsumen. Konsumen ber-hak atas kenyamanan, keamanan, dan keselamatan dalam mengkonsumsi barang dan/atau jasa. Telkom, dengan injeksi iklan itu, juga melanggar kode-etik dan secara potensial melanggar ketentuan dari pengelola laman situs dimana ads/iklan otomatis tersebut ditayangkan."

Udah boleh ditangkep belom nih Pak Jokowiiii helloooooowww? Tulung melek technology dikit Pak and pay more attention to this kind of bitch please.

Hampir habis nafas gue ngomongin Telkom...
Selamat ya Telkom, selamat masuk neraka.
You are in my - and in a lot of other people's - prayer.

10 August 2016

Kami masih miskom all the time.

Percakapan bersama sang pacar siang ini (gue lagi compare myself with Sam yang baru masuk SD, I was telling him how culun gw back then, nangis mulu.)

C: Tapi galak juga sih aku. Galak and cupu at the same time gitu lah.
F: Sama dong.
C: Hah, kamu juga dulu gitu?
F: Bukan! -.-" Maksud aku sama dong kamu sekarang juga begitu.

Haha abis itu ada satu percakapan lagi yang kita miskom dan doi sampe aga swt: (I don't think he'll like me sharing it here karena aga vulgar HAHAHA tapi whatevaaa too late.)

Kita lagi ngomongin biaya renovasi rumah; sembari ngobrol gue iseng guess / point his nipple with my finger LOLOLOLOL I do this all the time hahaha. Karena dia pake polo item jadi kan susah tuh ditebak nipple doi dimana, nah gue suka tusuk asal and see if I can guess it right. Haha such a weirdo I know. Anyway terus abis gue tusuk beberapa kali he asked me;

F: Kamu bisa tau ga sih Uc perkiraannya sebelum mulai?
C: *Masih sambil tusuk lepas tusuk lepas his nipple* Mm susah kamu kan pake baju item. Ini aku bisa soalnya tadi kan udah kena.
F: ... GUE BUKAN NANYA ITU! Nanya renovasi rumah! Ngapain gue nanya soal itu!!


07 August 2016

Meraki not so Goods.

Remember this post?

Well this happened last night:

I am disappointed. Not with the fact that the product was broken the first moment I used it, but more because of the kind of service that I got from them.

People around me - bf, bf's uncle and aunt, my uni friends, my mom, and even my quite-perfectionist sister - have told me that I tend to overreact when it comes to 'giving discount to customer because my product isn't perfect'.

When this kind of stuff happens to my customer, I shower them with apologizes and give them several options of redemption to make them feel better. I make sure I give the customer his/her delivery fee back, with a bunch of bonuses or free books in the new package. And the products that I sell approximately cost around a hundred thousand Rupiah; how can my service exceeds theirs when their products' prices range between 5 to 6 digits of number?

Similar thing happened to me before, I purchased a Rp 400.000 bag from a famous online shop, and its zipper was broken the moment I laid my hands on it. They asked me to return it to them for fixing but they told me the delivery fee wouldn't be returned. I was like, "Ugh. What a waste of time and shitty service. But this bag is only 400k, what do I expect?" So I decided not to return it and moved on (I love the bag and still use it today; and it's still in a very good condition btw).

But this Meraki Goods brand is something that... supposed to be what, trustworthy? Professional? How would I feel if I happen to live in Medan, in which the delivery fee to Jakarta using JNE costs Rp 19.000/kg? What happen if this occur to people who live in Manado whose delivery fee would be Rp 31.000/kg? Will this be fair for them? Fyi I paid Rp 30.000 for shipping fee when I purchased this bag (JNE rate within Jakarta is only Rp 9.000/kg). I didn't question them before about the pricey delivery fee because 1. I was lazy, 2. I thought maybe the packaging will be massive and heavy, 3. I just didn't bother. But now this happens, I feel like being cheated about the delivery fee of Rp 30.000 as well. What the.

Quoting them from their website:

"Our priority is the quality and satisfaction of our customers. Each of Meraki Goods products is manually stitched and we make sure all the products are being inspected before it arrives at your doorstep."

I am disappointed in Indonesian people's standard of "our priority is the quality and satisfaction of our customers". As a fellow Indonesian seller and creator, I am disappointed.

I have been following them for more than a year, but I guess this is the time to say goodbye.

06 August 2016

Uber driver's logic.

Pick up point di titik A. Doi ngetem di titik B yang notabene 5 mins walking dari titik A. Gamau call duluan lagi yang paling nyebelin, harus banget selalu gue yang call duluan.

X: Halo mba?
C: Dimana pak?
X: Saya di depan B ni mba.
C: Kan pick up point nya bukan disitu?
X: Oo masuk ke kompleks yang tadi ya mba..
C: Iya kan titik jemputnya bukan disitu kan? Alamatnya kan di A.
X: O ya ya mba..

Smart. Bisa lebih gobs lagi ga sih orang-orang Uber ini..?

05 August 2016


As we go on
we remember
all the times we
had together
and as our lives change
come whatever
we will still be
friends forever

04 August 2016

Cooking lesson.

Learned to cook steak with Monic today; thanks for the hospitality and lesson Mon!

Anyway percakapan tadi sore:

*Kaing kaing!* (Terdengar suara mirip anjing)
C: ... *Ngintip ke luar pintu dengan nervous* Mon.. Kok ada suara anjing sih?
M: Itu suara anak gue kali di atas lagi tereak-tereak!



01 August 2016

Spot on.

Found this on Facebook:

Credit goes to the writer: Tere Liye

A friend from 8 years ago.

Met one of my very first friends in Taylor's Uni Malaysia: Aida!

Met her yesterday at a friend's wedding and we're both thrilled to see each other! How time flies :) Good to see you Da, take care <3

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