07 August 2016

Meraki not so Goods.

Remember this post?

Well this happened last night:

I am disappointed. Not with the fact that the product was broken the first moment I used it, but more because of the kind of service that I got from them.

People around me - bf, bf's uncle and aunt, my uni friends, my mom, and even my quite-perfectionist sister - have told me that I tend to overreact when it comes to 'giving discount to customer because my product isn't perfect'.

When this kind of stuff happens to my customer, I shower them with apologizes and give them several options of redemption to make them feel better. I make sure I give the customer his/her delivery fee back, with a bunch of bonuses or free books in the new package. And the products that I sell approximately cost around a hundred thousand Rupiah; how can my service exceeds theirs when their products' prices range between 5 to 6 digits of number?

Similar thing happened to me before, I purchased a Rp 400.000 bag from a famous online shop, and its zipper was broken the moment I laid my hands on it. They asked me to return it to them for fixing but they told me the delivery fee wouldn't be returned. I was like, "Ugh. What a waste of time and shitty service. But this bag is only 400k, what do I expect?" So I decided not to return it and moved on (I love the bag and still use it today; and it's still in a very good condition btw).

But this Meraki Goods brand is something that... supposed to be what, trustworthy? Professional? How would I feel if I happen to live in Medan, in which the delivery fee to Jakarta using JNE costs Rp 19.000/kg? What happen if this occur to people who live in Manado whose delivery fee would be Rp 31.000/kg? Will this be fair for them? Fyi I paid Rp 30.000 for shipping fee when I purchased this bag (JNE rate within Jakarta is only Rp 9.000/kg). I didn't question them before about the pricey delivery fee because 1. I was lazy, 2. I thought maybe the packaging will be massive and heavy, 3. I just didn't bother. But now this happens, I feel like being cheated about the delivery fee of Rp 30.000 as well. What the.

Quoting them from their website:

"Our priority is the quality and satisfaction of our customers. Each of Meraki Goods products is manually stitched and we make sure all the products are being inspected before it arrives at your doorstep."

I am disappointed in Indonesian people's standard of "our priority is the quality and satisfaction of our customers". As a fellow Indonesian seller and creator, I am disappointed.

I have been following them for more than a year, but I guess this is the time to say goodbye.

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