29 August 2016

Girls, don't

don't trade in your happiness with wealth
'cos it's true when they say money can't buy you happiness
don't be deluded into thinking that people are going to envy you
'cos even if they do
it won't make you happy
it won't
and it doesn't even matter 'cos
the only important thing in your life is you

don't ever forget how valuable your feeling is
we think we get to set our own lives a price
but the truth is
every each of us is priceless
and things change the moment we give in to fortune

don't choose money over your life
some paths don't have ways to come back
and losing ourselves is easier than we could ever imagine
you are worth much more than a couple of branded handbags
and deserve much more than a dazzling jewelry could offer

don't trade in your happiness with wealth
it's not worth it
it will never be

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