28 August 2016

A woman's question.

Engaged and getting married soon. Such strong words. Some part of my ego still doesn't allow me to admit that I am going to let someone gain control over my life. I am going to have to accept a new leader who will lead and guide me through life. I will have to place my utmost trust on that one person, and one person only. I will have to share my heart and body forever with him. It feels like an unfamiliar decision, and I wonder what does it feel like to merge into one with someone else. What would happen to us? How would I feel? What would happen when things go awry?

What kind of love would we have?
What kind of partners would we be to each other?

Questions linger, but
some time nine years ago
I trusted you once,
and soon in a near future,
I'll choose to trust you forever.

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  1. Trust me and I will never let you down. <3


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