01 October 2016

Hello Octo.

Things I look forward to:

1. Beginning of Oct : a pretty important announcement.
2. Mid Oct: 9 years anniversary :)
3. Mid Oct: start selling Peekmybook's 2017 journal.
3. Mid Oct: start renovating me & bf's new house :D
4. End of Oct: getting a new phone!

Yeaaay finally upgrading after 3 years <3 I'm having a hard time letting go my 5S and thinking of keeping it since it's still working super fine. But we'll see. I always have this kind of - not so healthy - emotional bond with anything that I have had for a long time. Bf always teaches me to avoid "kemelekatan" with anything (and even anyone!)

Anywaaaaaay, CAN'T WAIT! :D

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