29 March 2017

Kind of people.

Some people can be very selfish
Their happiness comes first
Their feeling matters the most
Am I being one of those people?

Some people often get lost in life
They are blinded by the unimportant
They focus on the wrong things
I don't want to be like those people

People can be very mean
They love without understanding
They care without paying attention
I am afraid I'll cross that line

20 March 2017

A whole new world.

HAHAHA lebay yeee judulnyeee. Ini hanya post belaka untuk mengabadikan momen pertama gue pake softlens koqqqqq :* hahaha

*Dilempar kulit pisang sama penonton* *tapi langsung menghindar ala matrix* eaaa

Ora penteng.

Anyway percakapan gue dan sang pacar kemarin (Minggu 20 Maret 2017):
C: ... Gila Ej... God bless softlens and its founder...
F: Kemarin kata lu ini "shitty invention"?
C: Ahahaha khan itu kemarin~~ *Pukul-pukul dada Ej dengan manja*


19 March 2017

Jadikan hatiku istana cintaMu.

Siapakah aku dihadapanMu Tuhan
Kau curahkan cintaMu
Apakah artiku bagiMu
CintaMu setia selalu

Pantaskah ku menyambut tubuh darahMu
Karena banyak dosaku
Sering ku ingkari cintaMu
Dalam langkah hidupku

Ampunilah aku, ampuni kelemahanku
Ampuni dosaku dalam kerahimanMu
Agar ku mampu wartakan kasihMu
Di dalam hidupku

Bersihkan hatiku dengan sucinya cintaMu
Jadikan hatiku istana cintaMu
Tempat yang layak untuk bersemayam
Tubuh dan darahMu

09 March 2017


What good things will come from complaining?

I spent a lot, and when I say a lot, I mean SUPER PLENTY of times complaining and feeling meh when preparing my upcoming wedding. I overthink everything from the smallest stuffs to the big and serious ones.

I am tired listening to myself whining, and I know my closest friends and (especially) bf are too.

But I am blessed, because God and bf love me no matter what. Because I always have one or two pairs of ears who are ready to listen when I need to talk. I always have a shoulder to cry on when I need to recharge.

One special thing happened during my lowest and most emotional moment. We spent so much money these past few weeks (we have just started preparing things nowadays, so the expenses were suddenly crazy) and sometimes in my mind, I found it strange that after all of those spendings, I still have enough balance in my bank account. Despite feeling a little bit confused, I didn't pay more attention to it until about a week ago.

I was checking something and only then realized that in January I have sold Peekmybook a lot more than what I used to sell in the previous months, hence the 'healthy' bank account. I looked at my laptop's screen in disbelieve, and I realized that God has always been watching. He's there, and he's helping me all the time.

So I tell myself. It's ok, do it one step at a time.
It's gonna pass and it's gonna be okay :)

04 March 2017


Percakapan barusan sama nyokap di telpon:

C: Halo, Ma?
N: Ya.
C: Tolong bawain ini pulang dong dari toko. Eh bentar. *Nanya ke sang pacar yang ada di sebelah gue* Glue gun bahasa Indo nya apa ya?
N: *Tiba-tiba nyamber* Mentega?
C: Haha bukan itu mah blueband!


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