22 April 2017

April 19th.

April 19th was an extreme roller coaster ride. I was taken up and high, passing trees, heading to the sky, but before I could really enjoy the view, I was slammed down back to the ground.

I refreshed my browser page every once in a while; anxiously hoping for a glimpse of hope. When the number didn't begin to change, I knew it's time to accept the lost.

I looked back, and my heart sank deeply to the bottom.

It's not the thought of losing that made me sad. Those players and new leaders didn't make me waver. The noise from surrounding didn't lessen my spirit. All the efforts and energy spent during these past few months didn't leave me a single regret. But it was the people of this city that left my heart scarred.

At the end of that day, in this very place I call home,
disunity won.

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