05 June 2017

Hello from the other.. home.

5 June 2017, 7:15 am.

I woke up at 4 am today, not because I was anxious about something or too tired to sleep. In fact, my body ached and craved for a good night rest so so much. I woke up because someone who slept beside me snore really loud.

Yes, I have married that guy I have been mentioning here as 'sang pacar'. Guess he'll be mentioned as 'sang suami' from now on :)

So here I am, at 7 in the morning, sitting in my pajamas in the dining room, wearing tiger facial mask, alone, typing as enthusiastic as I could, 'cos God knows how much I have missed writing and talking to myself, through this blog.

I have missed it so.. so much.

These past few months have been really tough for me. I have lived in constant stresses, trying to juggle between (super) abandoned work, marriage preparation, and house's renovation. I dealt with depression - things that were so hard to be discussed to - if not to your closest ones who truly understand you and whom you deeply trust. I have tons of things I want to talk to, and I will soon. Marriage preparation, for me, wasn't a pretty thing. But it's a crazy & beautiful experience nonetheless, and I would love to share my honest feeling and story here.

I can't wait to review all my wedding vendors as well!! And last but not least, I am at our new house right now! It's simply the new love of our lives. I can't wait to show you guys its pictures, and I will soon I promise.

This post has a pretty gloomy opening, but still, please enjoy a couple of my wedding pictures (which are all in bw, and look pretty dramatic & gloomy - in a good way! - as well hahahaha). I will definitely be back soon to upload more pictures and talk more about it <3

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